Thursday, 18 September 2014

The little things.....

- Finding a new favourite song on an album you've listened to a thousand times.
- New pajamas.
- Bath time.
- Your favourite movie's being on TV.
- Polite and happy customers at work.
- New homeware.
- Burning candles.
- Finding a quote that fits your mood.
- Netflix nights.
- Summer mornings!
- Freshly washed sheets.
- The smell after rain.
- Sleeping in late.
- Holding hands with someone you love.
- Enjoyable WWE PPV's.
- Sunsets.
- Seeing cute dogs in the street.
- Quiz nights with friends.
- Finding a new TV show and becoming obsessed!
- Mario Kart nights.
- Watching movies so bad, they're amazingly good.

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