Sunday, 30 September 2012

Blog of the week ♡ ROCK N ROLLERR.

This weeks blog of the week is Jenny at Rock N Rollerr! Again another blog that was an easy choice for me, I love Jenny's blog and I have for a while. I am an avide reader and love her posts. She has such an amazing sense of style. Jenny also loves Blink 182 as much as myself too.

Jenny is competing to win a chance to a "guest blogger" at, you should all go vote for her here, here, here and here!

Love Alex 

Sunday Wishlist #15.


Yet another wishlist including another pair of Romwe leggings but they have so many to choose from. I've also been looking at a cheap pair of Disco Pants which I found on Ebay for £17.99! I've also been looking at Balmi Lip Balm as I've heard great things about them, I might go purchase one once I've been paid.

Love Alex 

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Come on skinny love.

Dress and Leather Jacket - Primark
Tights - George at ASDA
Creepers - Tribecca Shoes

Just a quick post to show you all my new shift dress and also my newly dyed Brown hair, what do you all think? I'm not used to it yet but it doesn't look bad I guess (it's pretty patchy underneath but I've done a good job!).  So, back onto the outfit rather than my hair the leather jacket you've already seen in previous posts but the dress is new, I bought it last week in Primark. It was too cute to resist, I adore the collar and I've never bought a shift dress before. I've always been more into Skater dresses but I thought i'd be different for a change.  I was in two minds whether I should pair it with a belt or not but I think it looks okay without, right?

I really hope my dress is comfortable as I'm off to the Student Lock-in at meadowhall soon, hope I find some bargins using Ben's student discount, hehe!

Hope you all have a wonderful thursday evening!

Title - Skinny Love by Birdy.

Love Alex 

Autumn polishes wishlist.

I very rarely wear nail polish as I bite my nails (such a bad habit but it's a nervous thing) but I cannot wait to attempt to let my nails grow and  buy Autumn shades of nail polish. I've been look around a whittled it down to my top 5!

1. Very Structured by Essie via Fragrance Direct - I think this shade is going to be throughout Autumn, I love burnt Orange tone of it and think it would look great with any outfit. The nail polish retails at £7.99 but is available of Fragrance Direct for a measly £1.99 (with £1.99 p+p). I think it's definitely a must for any Essie lover!

2. Shade 14 by MUA - MUA are great for nail polishes and this berry tone polish is no exception. Berry tones are really "in" at the moment and I think they'll be sticking around. I love that Shade 14 also is a metallic polish too. This polish is really worth buying as all MUA polishes are only £1!

3. Paddington Street by Nails Inc - I only recently discovered Nails inc by not being able to sleep one night so I checked QVC and saw them chatting about Nails Inc. The polishes they were showing looked great and very versatile. I found Paddington Street while browsing their website and I instantly fell in love. It's a gorgeous dark Purply/Red polish and it would look amazing with anything! I haven't been able to find the price as it's out of stock on the website but I think it's around £11, its also on Ebay starting at £3.99 or £4.50 so go and place your bids if you'd like the polish at a bargin price.

4. Suzi Takes The Wheel by O.P.I - I adore the colour of this polish! I've wanted to try O.P.I nail polish for a while but never found a shade that I loved as much as this one, It looks very Grey in the bottle but can look a beautiful shade of Olive. I think the nail polish is a pretty reasonable price too, you can get it for £8.40 from amazon (link above).

5. Rainy Day by Topshop - For my final choice I thought i'd go with a beautiful Lilac/Grey shade. Personally I love a good Purple nail polish (the site describes the colour as fog Grey but I think it's purple) and this one would be perfect for Autumn. I've heard such amazing things about Topshop nail polish by reading other blogs that I knew I just had to include them! This shade would be perfect to brighten up any rainy day (see what I did there, Rainy day? Yeah you did, hehe). The price of the nail polish is enough to make anyone smile too, just £5 (Topshop charge £4 for P+P, so I'd advise anyone who wants this polish to buy in store).

What do you think of the shades I've chosen? What would be your top 5 Autumn Polishes?

Love Alex 

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

£1 Elle magazine with free Benefit Triple Performing Moisturiser.

I've had pretty sucessfull morning, I woke up at 4 and just couldn't get back to sleep so I did some schedualed blog posts and got myself ready to get to the freshers fair with Ben. We spent most of the time waiting to go in as there were police cars outside but we finally got in after waiting around 10minutes then it was just crazy once we were inside. It was just full of so many people trying to hand you things, I felt so overwhelmed but free Domino's pizza helped.

After a while I found an Elle stall in the corner, they were offering Elle magazine for just £1 with free Benefit moisturiser, I couldn't believe my look. I very rarely read magazine but I couldn't turn the offer down. I've heard such great things about benefit and I cannot wait to try the moisturiser out (review coming once i've tried it), I couldn't get a clear picture of the moisturiser but it looks like this. The magazine also including a sample of Loreal True Match foundation which I am dying to try!

For the rest of my day I think it will be spend in my favourite place (bed!) while watching something on Nexflix and applying for jobs while I wait for Ben to get home at six.

Has anyone tried Benefit's Triple Performing Moisturiser before? What do you think of it? Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day!

Love Alex 

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

FOTD - Say you don't want it.

Hello sweeties! Here's my first FOTD for you all. Sorry I look so messy and sleepy but I'm trying to embrace my messy hair before I ruin it again by dying it Brown aha, I also hadn't had any sleep before I took these either. I've had a pretty good day today despite the horrible weather, I went to meet Ben in the town center and we went to superdrug to buy hair dye (I went against any of the dye's in my last post as John Freida was on offer and I couldn't resist), plus I also bought Superdrug's Raspberry and Macadamia Nut shampoo and conditioner which Jayde recommended on her blog. So, now we're back home and I'm going to spend the rest of my afternoon watching Charmed on Netflix and attempt to stay awake, while Ben goes to Uni for an hour.

Excuse the half naked Megan Fox behind me and the quality of the picture, I'm in my boyfriends uni room and the batteries in my camera are dead.

Title - Say you don't want it by One Night Only.

Love Alex 

Hair advice!

Hi girlies, I need your help! I've had enough of Purple hair and really want to go back Brown. I'm looking for a Brown foam dye because normal dyes and myself don't mix (too messy, I've only ever dyed my hair by myself once and it wasn't a success). I have no idea which one to choose from :( I've always used Schwarzkopf but they're a little pricey.

I've been considering - Live Color XXL in Dark Chocolate Delight (£3.99)Loreal Paris Sublime Mousse in Delicate Iced Chocolate (£6.99), Superdrug Foam Colour in Dark Chocolate and incase I change my mind on just Brown Superdrug Foam Colour in Dark Red Brown.

Hope someone can help.... What the best hair dye you've used?

Love Alex 

Primark A/W Collection.

I have been a lover of Primark since they first opened their store in our city center. I love that you get amazing quality for such a small price. I've recently found myself searching around other blogs looking at their most recent collection and I love it, Primark seem to have really stepped it up and I think i'll be spending so much money in their soon.

(All pictures credited to InStyle)

I love the collection so much, my favourites from it are the Contrast Parka (£25),  Sequin Jumper with Peter Pan collar (£14) and Fur Collar Leather Jacket (£25, found on look).You can also find more of the collection here

               Are you a lover or a hater of Primark? What do you think of the new collection too?

Love Alex 

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Blog of the week ♡ a l w a y s d r i n k t e a.

This weeks blog of the week is Kirsty! I love everything about her blog, its very well set out and her posts are always very well written and very chatty, which I love. She has a wide range of posts too. Kirsty's layout is adorable too, I wish my blog was up to the standard her is! To be quite honest i'd love to get the know Kirsty much more, we seem to have quite a lot in common and we seem quite similar.

I really think Kirsty's blog speaks for itself so I have nothing more to say other than go check her blog out!

Hope you're all enjoying my blog of the week posts, I'm having such fun choosing a blog for you all every week.

Love Alex 

Sunday Wishlist #14.


Just a quick wishlist this weekend. I haven't really found much that has really caught my eye but I've already started my next one so I should have a bigger post next Sunday.

Love Alex 

Saturday, 22 September 2012


You may or may not have noticed that I have updated my design to a more of an Autumn look, I have only changed my header by adding an Autumn garland and changed my background to a darker wood but I adore it. I love my design but I wish it looked more professional, I will be changing my header and background to fit each new season. I cannot wait to show you all my Winter look.

Hope you all like the change, do any of you have any tip of how I could make my blog look better?

Love Alex 

Friday, 21 September 2012

I LOVE: Galaxy print.

I've seen a lot of Galaxy print around recently and I really hope it stays around much longer. The galaxy item I first saw was a pair of Black Milk Galaxy leggings and I fell in love instantly, they're pretty price though which sucks but I'm glad more companies have brought out their own galaxy pieces. I have yet to own a galaxy print item but now Romwe Starry nights are back in stock, I really wanna order them as my last pair of Romwe leggings were amazing quality.

What do you think of the galaxy print trend? Do you own any galaxy pieces?

Love Alex 

Leibster Award.

The lovely Kirsty at Alway Drink Tea tagged any of her followers with less than 200 followers to do the Leibster Award and as I only have 16 followers (*sad face*) I thought i'd give it ago.

The Rules!
Each person tagged must post 11 things about themselves.
They must also answer 11 questions the tagger has set for them.
They must create 11 more questions to ask bloggers they have decided to tag.
They must then chose up to 11 bloggers to tag with less than 200 followers.
These lucky bloggers must be notified.
There are no tag backs!

11 things about myself!
»I can't wink, as much as I try I just end up looking stupid.
»I'm a huge Harry Potter fan and have the Deathly Hallows and a quote tattoo'd on my back.
»I plan on getting more Harry Potter tattoos, I just have no idea of what to get yet.
»My bed is probably my favourite place.
»I've never been on a plane.
»I wish I had a job so badly. As hard nowhere EVER gets back to me.
»I love Enter Shikari far more than I should, they've been my favourite band since 2004 and I wish i'd seen them live more.
»I really want own cupcake company in the future.
»I cant live without my phone, I really needs upgrading though.
»I've never been a lover of cold weather but for some reason I can't wait for it this year.
»I've only ever had one piercing (my ears) and I want more but having such a bad experience with my ears is putting me off.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Mini Primark Haul.

Yesterday I was meant to have an opticians appointment but completely forgot about so myself and Ben went shopping at Meadowhall instead. I always have a look in Primark no matter how much money I have in my bank and i'd just been paid so I thought I'd treat myself.

I bought a beautiful lace shift dress which I just couldn't resist, It looks great with my leather jacket, tights and creepers (outfit post coming soon), I spotted the dress when I was last in town and instantly fell in love. I originally planned on wearing it with a black or brown belt but I love it without. I also bought a dogtooth underwear. I've always loved anything dogtooth, I had a dress a couple of years ago which i've now lost. I bought some essentials too, sheer tights (pack of three for £1.50) and footies (pack of 2 for £1.30) which I wear almost everyday with my vans. I bought some new underwear with little dogs on them too, Primark underwear always fit me so well and the print was far too cute not to buy.

I now have my camera with me so expect some previous posts with bad pictures to be updated when I have time. I have also changed my layout, not too different from the one before just autumn leaves instead of roses. I get bored far too quickly too, Ill probably have a completely different layout soon.

Love Alex 

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Next's Seven days of shoes challenge.

This morning I received an email from the lovely Micaela regarding Next's seven days of shoes challenge and as many of you know I love doing challenges!

To enter all you have to do is create your own blog post, with details on how you would style seven shoes from Next's own brand, using clothes from Next too. This can be done with a moodboard, links, pictures etc: you can be as creative as you want. Be sure to leave a comment on and also tweet your post using #NextShoeCompetition.

The giveaway is open until 3pm on 28th 2012 and to UK residents only, aged 18 or over. The winner will be notified on the 3rd October by email, so be sure to leave your email along with your entry.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Blog of the week ♡ e-elise etc.

I've been a big fan of Erin's blog since I found it through her online shop (Sawyer & Scout), plus she was one of my first followers :D her blog is very versatile including nails, weekly style posts, Sunday DIY's and much more. Erin is also big Harry Potter fan (like myself) and has a Harry Potter range on Sawyer & Scout (found here), item prices start at as low as £6 and their highest is £12 with free P+P.

Love Alex 

Sunday Wishlist #13.


I adore this AX Paris dress part too much, the print is adorable. The leggings are by far the nicest leggings I've ever seen too, so pretty. Everything else are just great, I love the Romwe Shirt.

Love Alex 

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Blog of the week ♡ ASHLLYD.

Its pretty safe to say I love Ashleigh's blog! I love the whole feel of her blog and how eclectic it is. Her posts range from outfits to photo diaries to things I like to reviews, plus personal posts too.

Ashleigh's things i like posts are possibly my favourite, I haven't seen any other blogs that do them and they're all so varied.  I also love her layout, its pretty plain but still very girly (the bunting underneath each section is so cute). If you haven't looked at Ashleigh's blog yet, you probably should!

Love Alex

Sunday Wishlist #12.


This weeks wishlist is probably one of my favourite i've done. I'm so glad I found Sugar and Vice via Caroline's blog, they have some super cute products. I also found this adorable heart cut-out dress via Lucy's blog (she looked great in it!). I love the jumper, its available in so many colours on Ebay too.

Love Alex 

I LOVE: Leather Jackets.

I recently bought a leather jacket and i've completely fallen in love with it! I think leather jackets are a real all year round staple, they can be worn with anything and in any weather. I've worn mine through our so called "summer" and can't wait to wear it in the A/W months with jumpers underneath.

Anyone can pull of a leather jacket, whether you're look is girly, sporty, whatever.

Im also loving the military/leather jackets this season too, i've been eyeing up one from Missguided but could I really part with £48 for a jacket?

Do you own a leather jacket? How do you find styling it?

Love Alex 

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

£50 challenge.

Another challenge, Alex? Yes girlies, another challenge.

I recently saw a challenge to win £50 by choosing an outfit from for £50. I thought i'd give this challenge ago as I loved doing all the other challenges I've entered but I did think this challenge maybe be difficult as the outfit must come in at £50 or under but I gave it a good go and came in at £50.

Total = £50!

To be honest I really struggled with this challenge more than I thought I would. I thought i'd go for a fun look, which I think would be perfect for either a night out with the girls or date night. I firstly chose the dress, which I love. I adore Skater dresses as they're really flattering and the collar on this one is pretty cute. I then chose the shoes, I've been lusting over some flatforms for so long and I love the velvet look of the ones i've chosen, I then wanted to pick a belt for the dress but then thought I wouldn't have any more money for anything else so I chose the bag instead, which made the outfit come in at £50. 

Information for the competition can be found here. Once you're done email your entry to and tweet @FashVouchers, good luck!

Love Alex 

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Blog of the week ♡ SCHADERFREUDE.

This weeks blog of the weeks wasn't hard to choose, I've loved Alice's blog for a long time. I love her layout, her header is my favourite. It's so pretty (if anyone knows who drew it, let me know!).
I adore Alice's style and her outfit posts are always so varied. I also love her nails tutorials too, especially her galaxy nails post.

Love Alex 

Sunday Wishlist #11.


Just a quick wishlist this week. I knew I wanted to include Models Own "Mirrorball" collection, each colour is amazing! I really like Boogie nights, gorgeous colour right?! I love the kitty phone case too, it's for Sony xperia u (which I don't own yet, boooo) but it's available so many phones apart from the one I own and it's comes in so many different colours. 

Love Alex 
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