Friday, 30 May 2014

The common White girl tag.

Hello my loves! Today I have a tag post for you and its the common white girl tag - I haven't been tagged by anyone to do this post but its a tag I really liked so it's being done! Here we go...

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Saturday at The Deep.

Hello lovelies! On Saturday (24th) I had my first Saturday off work in a long time so I wanted to do something special, we had quite a few idea's - A trip to Manchester, A trip to Leeds, A day at Flamingo Land but all of those plans depended on weather and it was forecast to rain, ALL DAY! Instead we decided to go the Deep, I had never been before and they now have Penguins there - some of my favourites. I've alway loved Aquariums and I was sure I'd love the deep too, it took us 2 hours to arrive in Hull from York and the deep was only a 15 minute walk from town.

Here's a few snaps we took there.

Please excuse the quality of some of the pictures, they're a mixture of photo's taken on my Nexus 4 and my boyfriends Nexus 5 (his is way better!)

I would highly recommend going to The Deep if you're looking for a lovely and cheap day out for all the family! We booked our tickets online, giving us 10% off and we can now reuse the tickets again over the year! 

Have you ever visited The Deep?

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Sunday wishlist #54 - Kimono love.


Hello lovelies! On my recent trip to Leeds I bought a lovely Black Lace Kimono which I haven't stopped wearing, it goes with everything! Kimono's are a perfect way to cover up and still be cool throughout Summer and If you're like me and like to be a little covered up - they're for you too!

I cannot wait to buy more kimono's in different styles and designs, I think they're a great way to add to a plain outfit i.e a cami and jeans or a plain dress. My personal favourite from the six I've chosen has to be number three, which is from Asda! Dark florals are always a winner for me.

You can see more Kimono's on my wishlist board here.

Which kimono is your favourite and how would you style it?

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Village Candle - Juicy Melon.

Hello lovelies! I have yet another candle review for you, this time it's Juicy Melon by Village Candle. In my personal opinion Village candle are much better than Yankee, I really like both brands but village candles are much stronger. 

Juicy Melon is described as variety of delicious melon notes combined with kiwi and vanilla. As I'm getting down the jar I can smell more than just Melon, its so lovely and refreshing! Perfect for Spring/ Summer.

The candle has been burning great, very clean - yet again! I'm so excited to buy another but I'm limiting my candle spend and attempting to use up all my offcuts from Yankee samplers. You can find the seller here.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

And we'll never be Royals.

Hello lovelies! Here is what I wore to a recent wedding reception, the theme of the wedding was Purple but I couldn't find anything Purple that I actually liked other than a the nail polish - which I'm in love with! I was pretty sceptical ordering the dress as its not a style I've worn before but I really like it, the different materials really break it up. I'm excited to wear the dress again, I think it would be really cute worn in the summer with Vans or jelly shoes.

I'm hoping to do more outfit posts now the warmer weather and brighter nights are approaching us!

Title - Royals by Lorde.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Village Candle - Brownie Delight.

Hello my loves! I have been a candle lover for quite some time now and I recently discovered Village Candle, I had smelt quite a few of their scents in a lovely little shop in York and I fell in love with Brownie Delight at first smell.

Brownie Delight is described as a delicious blend of warm caramel and melted butter into mounds of marshmallow fluff as sweet layers of dark chocolate lava cascade upon the sugary brownie batter. Baked to perfection and best served warm! To be honest all I smell is pure chocolate, which isnt a bad thing, it makes our whole flat smell so good.

The candle has two wicks meaning a cleaner burn and double the smell. The seller I bought the candle from on eBay was great, amazing communication and it arrived very quickly and in perfect condition. You can find the seller here.

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