Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Double chocolate cupcakes with Peanut Butter frosting | recipe.

Hello beauties! I have something a little different for you today,  I recently baked cupcakes for my boyfriend birthday and I thought I'd share what I baked with you all.

Ingredients for 12 cupcakes:
200g margarine or butter, melted.
200g caster sugar.
4 eggs
2 or 3 teaspoons of Vanilla extract.
200g self raising flour.
4 tablespoons of cocoa powder (I used Hershey's).
75 to 100g chocolate drops (I used chopped chocolate, it works the same if not better).

1. Preheat the oven to 200c/ gas mark 6.
2. Mix margarine and sugar together until fluffy, then add eggs Vanilla extract.
3. Fold in the flour and mix well, then add the cocoa powder and chocolate drops.
4. Place the cupcake cases in a tin and fill generously. Bake for around 15 minutes or until a knife comes out clean.
5. Allow to cool the decorate as desired.

Ingredients for peanut butter frosting:
115g margarine or butter (softened),
150g peanut butter (smooth or crunchy, whichever you fancy!).
250g Icing sugar.

1. Mix together the margarine and butter until smooth.
2. Fold in the icing sugar until the mixture is fluffy, I used an electric whisk. Add milk if needed.
3. Either pipe or just place onto the cupcakes, I went for a messy look as my boyfriend said they'd look better.
4. Now decorate the cupcakes with whatever you like, I used chocolate pieces.

And here is the finished result!

Both recipes are super easy and they didn't long to make either. I hope you've enjoyed this type of post, I have another coming soon!

Lots of love Alex xox

Disclaimer: I'm not claiming either recipe my own, I found the frosting on the lovely Becky's blog and the cupcake were from somewhere online (all recipes I think!).

Monday, 25 February 2013

Leibster Award.

Hello lovelies! I have been awarded the Leibster award by the beautiful Michelle @ Satchels and Pearls, which I'm really happy about! I think that my little blog has been lacking something recently and this post really helps that and it's also a great way for us blogger to connect too! 

11 facts about me:
1. I've been with my boyfriend for just over 3 years, our anniversary is 1st January. We've been unofficially living together for a lot of our relationship. I cannot wait to officially move in together though (once he's finished uni!).
2. I only really got into beauty through reading beauty blogs. Youtube helped too!
3. I can't drive and I don't plan on learning, I am terrified.
4. I love wearing dresses, my favourite is a missguided dress which I am wearing here.
5. I don't like fake people, just be yourselves for goodness sake!
6. I also hate the term YOLO, it's so overused.
7. Baking is a huge passion of mine.
8. I love days where I just lay in bed and watch Adventure time, it's definitely my happy place.
9. I've had my future children's names planned for years.
10. I love a good bargain! I also look at sales sections first when I go shopping.
11. I drink far too much Coca Cola, it's so bad but it tastes so good!

Questions from Michelle:
1. What is your perception on beauty? Wow, I have never really thought about beauty other than everyone is beautiful in their own way!
2. Who do you idolise? No-one. 
3. What made you decide to blog? My boyfriend had a little blog before I did and I really wanted my own, once I thought about what I wanted to blog I just went for it. I had no idea what I was doing at the beginning but months later, I'm actually quite proud of my blog.
4. How do you feel your blog has evolved? Answered above ^^
5. Do you have ambitions/aspirations in your life? Yes, I really want to live on my own and own a cupcake shop.
6. Did you pursue further education after school? Yes I studied Childcare, learning and development for 18 months and gained an NVQ from it. I'd to go back to college to study something to do with baking though in the future.
7. What animal would represent you? A cat, I love lazing around, sleeping and eating.
8. Who is your favourite music artist? Enter Shikari have been my favourites since 2003 so it has to be those guys!
9. What is your favourite print/pattern? I adore anything floral!
10. What was your most recent beauty purchase? L'oreal wild ombre, which I have yet to use yet!
11. What was your most recent fashion purchase? A burgundy shirt from Primark which I adore, it's so comfy and goes with everything! I may feature it in a post soon.

My questions:
1. What is your biggest fashion mistake?
2. Who is your celebrity crush?
3. What is your favourite city?
4. What beauty product can you not live without?
5. Your life is going to be turned into a movies, who would play you?
6. What is your favourite scent and why?
7. If you became a Disney villan for a day, who you be?
8. What is your earliest childhood memory?
9. What's your favourite clothing item you own?
10. Early bird or night owl?
11. Is there a language you wish you could speak?

I tag:

Thank-you for reading and hope my nominee's enjoy doing this tag as much as I did!
Lots of love Alex xox

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

LUSH - "Snow Fairy".

Hello beauties! I have finally got my hands on Snow Fairy! The lovely Alessia from Whispers from angels was holding a blog sale and sold it me for measly £4! I couldn't believe my eyes, I wanted some around Christmas but it sold out pretty quickly in both Sheffield stores.

Here's what LUSH said about Snow Fairy - 
"Our winter temptress shower hair and body gel that’s bursting with fruit fragrance and has a sparkle of ice through it.
Now we must confess, it’s a mystery to us why this one particular product should become our No1 Christmas bestseller. It’s not your classic hippy dippy Lush herbal offering. Instead it is an intensely sweet, fruity pink shower gel loved by people everywhere."

I used a one pence coin amount on a Shower puff (?) and it lathered up really well, it made the whole bathroom smell like a sweetshop! The gel looks quite glittery in the bottle but I found that the glitter doesn't stick to your skin at all (thumbs up!). I also found that once you're all dry after you've bathed/showered you still get the occasional smell of Snow Fairy on your skin and it leave's you feeling super soft too. Snow Fairy is definitely worth the price-tag it has, it's Pink, sparkly and smells amazing. What more could anyone want?! All round, I am in love! I wish they sold the product all year and I cannot wait to get my hands on more around Christmas.

I will warn you that this product is VERY sweet smelling and if you're not a fan, stay clear!
Lots of love Alex xox

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Instagram diaries - 3rd - 17th February.

1. Cutest (belated) birthday card from my grandparents; 2. New jammies! Men's pj's are so much better than women's; 3. Valentine's gifts, my boy is a cutie; 4. Snow ❅; 5. Selfie before a 4 hour shift at work; 6. Orange Toffee Choc's and New Girl night; 7. My boy is such a babe for buying my favourite's for my birthday; 8. So excited to try this!; 9. This definitely shows how varied my music taste is; 10. Favourite phone case; 11. This is totally acceptable, right?; 12. I'm selling a pair of "Starry Night" leggings HERE!

Lots of love Alex xox

Sunday wishlist #34.


Hello beauties! What a week it's been, huh? My week has been full of ups and down's but onwards and upwards I say! What do you think of this weeks wishlist? I really fancy ordering all of the above to cheer myself up haha, the Topshop dress is lovely and I could see myself wearing it lots with a pair of Vans. I've only recently found peel off nails by Topshop but it sounds bloody perfect, I hate doing my nails mostly because I can never be bothered to take them off but being able to peel it off whenever I fancy is great. I am loving shirts with Disco Pants at the moment and the Horse print shirt is no exception, it's only £10 too! The leggings are beautiful, aren't they? The shoe's are definitely a need, I have my first engagement party coming up soon and I have no shoes to wear. They look pretty comfy too.

On a completely different note check out my beautiful friend, Chloe's blog HERE! She's pretty new but her blog is great!

Lots of love Alex xox

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Valentines day!

Happy valentines day, you beautiful people! Love it or hate it, Valentine's day is here again. I think as I've gotten older, I care for Valentine's day less and less. Why should couples need a day to show their love? I love my boyfriend everyday and he knows that.  We don't have anything planned for tonight, other than spending time with each other as I've been working so much over the past two weeks. I have had the day from hell (I didn't get a job, so I now feel super sad) but Ben surpised me with LUSH goodies, Thornton's chocolates and a cute snowglobe (see below) once we got home, I now feel even worse because I didn't have time to buy him a card. 

I hope the you all enjoy your night whether you're with friends or a loved one!

Lots of love Alex xox

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Maybelline Fit Me foundation.

Fit Me Foundation in 125 - £6.00 (Superdrug)

Hello sweethearts! Another week, another review! I am on a role. I recently got sent a sample of Fit Me Foundation and I fell in love, obviously as I purchased a full sized bottle! It's easy to apply, gives great coverage and looks natural, what more could anyone want?!

Description -

"The secret to Fit Me Foundation? Some waxes and fillers can mask your skin colour. Fit me Foundation has none. It's translucent gel based formula merges seamlessly with your skin.

Fit Me Foundation, Concealer and Powder are made to fit together by shade numbers, so finding your shade couldn't be easier. Looks natural, feels so light with SPF 18."

I found that Fit Me foundation was pretty much as it was described, it lasted over a long period of time and it worked great on my skin. I really recommend this foundation but I think I should have got one shade down, It worked fine the first couple of uses then it then began to look quite Orange. I'd definitely repurchase but in a lighter shade. I would love to try the concealer and powder too, the prices are so reasonable.

Edit: I've recent gotten dry skin and this foundation makes it so much worse, it just sticks to the dry area's. It also makes the skin look really patchy and uneven. I'll definitely be swapping my foundation for a while.

I hope you're enjoying these reviews, let me know if you are!
Lots of love Alex xox

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Sunday wishlist #33.


Hello lovelies, Happy Sunday! What do you all think of this weeks wishlist? I cannot get enough of it, how great is the "blog off" shirt? It's a measly £10 too! I am in love with the missguided dress and flats too, the dress would look great with tights and Vans and the flats would go with anything. I am in love with the boohoo skirt too, it's a beautiful colour and the shape is devine. 

I will hopefully be posting some outfit posts this week (finallyyyyy!), I have a few new outfit's to show you all and I'll also be posting a "what's in my blog" post plus maybe a review or two.
Lots of Love Alex xox

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Lashes of London wishlist | challenge.

Hello you! It's that time again, yes challenge time! The lovely people over at Lashes of London are hosting a challenge for us bloggers to win £200 by creating our dream wishlist. The wishlist can include as many items as you like, simple huh?

Here's my entry -

If you would like to enter too simply email your entry to On Monday 18th February (two weeks time) Lashes of London will upload their favourite 8 collages to their Facebook page and then announce the final winner on Tuesday 19th February! Find more information HERE!

What do you think of my entry and the items I'm lusting after? I am in love with sequin tee so much, its the most beautiful colour.
Lots of love Alex xox

Kylie Minogue - Music Box.

Hello sweethearts! I have yet another review for you! I received Music Box by Kylie Minogue from my parents for my birthday and it's one of the nicest perfumes I've received! The bottle is one of the cutest bottles I've seen, I love that it looks like a box with a key, how cute? I very rarely buy celebrity perfumes for myself but my mums buys me them at any chance she can haha. Music Box is by far my favourite she's bought.

Description -

"Music Box by Kylie Minogue was launched in 2012; it is inspired by her childhood love of surprise and excitement that are offered by old music boxes. Kylie Minogue described her new scent as captivating and sensual, evoking the emotions caused by a music box. Music Box is classified as a fruit floral fragrance for women. Music Box notes consist of the composition blends of fruity, floral and woody notes. It opens with top notes of strawberry, raspberry and bergamot. The heart reveals a bouquet of roses, freesia and orange blossom, finishing on the base of sandalwood, amber and white musk."

I found that Music Box smelt exactly as it was described, I also found that it lasted a long period of time too. Most perfumes I've used before didn't last too long but this stuck around most of the day, I only had to spritz a little more before going out for the evening. I really recommend this perfume to anyone who loves fruity floral scents, its pretty different from Kylie's other perfumes but I prefer it over the others I've had (Couture, Darling and Sweet Darling). The perfume could definitely work for any occasion, I wear it almost everyday.

I hope you enjoyed this review!
Lots of love Alex xox

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Sunday wishlist #32.


Hello you! How did Sunday come around so fast?! I had a pretty standard week other than I had an interview for B&Q and I was offered a two week trial, I'm pretty unsure how I feel about it. I want to be excited but if I'm honest, I don't really want the job, It's not very "me". I hope that after the two weeks something else comes along. 

Anyway enough about me and onto the items above! What do you think? I am in love with them all, how cute is the heart dress?! It's in the sale too (£20!) and what's this another dog shirt? I can't get enough of them at the moment, they're just so cute! I adore the items from too, the skulls and roses playsuit is possibly the greatest playsuit I've ever found, I need more basic dresses and the charcoal dress would be perfect to pair with vans and a leather jacket. 

Enjoy your Sunday! I'll be doing my first trial morning at B&Q from 10am then I'm off to watch the superbowl with my boyfriend and his friends around 7pm.
Lots of love Alex xox

Friday, 1 February 2013

Instagram diaries - January.

1 and 2.  Addams family values and Tangled with my boy on New Years day; 3. Three years with Ben on 1-1; 4. In bed alone but atleast it was super cosy; 5. Guilty pleasure; 6. Waiting around for Ben; 7. Follow me on twitter (@AlexWilsonxo); 8. Favourite leggings from Romwe (HERE!); 9. My favourite blusher smashed; 10. New pug blouse and slippers; 11. Selfie before our late anniversary; 12. Favourite ADTR song; 13. Stan Marsh follows me on twitter, claim to fame; 14. Spending days (and nights) watching Kirstie Allsopp; 15. Birthday shoes from my boy; 16. I downloaded the Tangled soundtrack, no regrets; 17. Birthday wishlist; 18. I should really wear my galaxy leggings more; 19. SNOW, I HATE YOU; 20. Snow days playing Sims 3 and watching The Notebook; 21. Favourite PJ's and Friends; 22. Selfie before my pre-vet, I hate trying to look presentable; 23. GO AWAY, SNOW; 24. Ben & Jerry's before 12pm, what is life?; 25. Another day of watching Friends; 26. I spend my life on buses; 27. BIRTHDAY GIRL!; 28. Birthday breakfast, so healthy; 29. Hello Kitty Vans; 30. Selfie before my birthday meal, new shirt too (link HERE!); 31. I finally reached 50 followers on GFC; 32. LUSH "It's raining men" review.

Lots of love Alex xox

Get to know me | 20 random facts.

Hello lovelies! I haven't done a tag post in a while so I thought i'd give this one a go. I've seen a few of my favourite blog doing similar posts and I loved reading them, I love getting to know people and reading about their lives (such a nosey parker!).

Instagram - @AlexWilsonxo

1. I've only ever broken one bone in my body, I was 18 months and I fell off my grandparents sofa.
2. My favourite movies are Donnie Darko and Tangled, I can't even think of how many times I've seen both movies. Tangled is definitely my go to movies for when I'm feeling sad, the week we lost my granddad  I watched it 7 days straight.
3. I share my birthday with my nan, she spent her birthday 20 years ago in the delivery room with my mum.
4.  I cannot leave the house without make-up on, even if I'm just popping to the shop. I've made myself late so many times because I've put make-up but didn't like it so I'd re-do it.
5. I'm such a fussy eater but I'm definitely improving with age.
6. I am the most indecisive person ever, I hate making any sort of decision.
7. Cotton wool making me squirm, I hate the thought of it touching me.
8. I've watched every episode of Friends, countless times and I still laugh as much as I did the first time.
9. I can't wink, as much as I try I always end up looking silly.
10. I prefer Daisies over every other flower.
11. I'm full of useless knowledge, I know the most random things.
12. I have really varied music taste, I cannot just listen to one genre. My itunes library is fun when it's on shuffle.
13. I'm terrible at saving money, as much as I try. I always end up finding something online to buy.
14. I have never been good at maths, I still count on my fingers to help sometimes.
15. I don't drink alcohol, I don't really see the point of spending money on it.
16. I'm quite lazy, duvet day with my boy are my favourites.
17. My first ever concert was Spice girls, I was around 5 or 6. I couldn't see much as I was so small, thank God for the big screens at either side!
18. I am terrified of deep water.
19. I'm definitely an indoor person, I don't go out much and it really doesn't bother me.
20. The most played song on my itunes is Metalingus by Alter Bridge, I have days where I could listen to it on loop and channel my inner Edge, if you don't know who that is find him HERE!

I hope you've all enjoyed reading about me, I really enjoyed reading similar posts.
Lots of love Alex xox
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