Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Instagram diaries 31st June - 31st July!

1 & 2. Gorgeous York sky; 3. How adorable are our new salt and pepper shakers from Ben's parents?! They match the kitchen perfectly; 4. Sheffield station looks so pretty in the sun; 5. OOTD featuring Zara, Ebay, Glamourous and Primark; 6. Are you tired of my pictures of York sky yet? 7. I'm obsessed with Pinterest recently, follow me HERE!; 8. No need for filters when the sky is so beautiful; 9. I am awesome at Burnout; 10. Another Star Wars Sunday; 11, 12 & 13.. Pictures from Ben's graduationation!; 14. What I wore - Missguided dress, Crown&Glory floral crown (here) and Store 21 flatforms; 15. Sooo good! I am loving the new Lindt chocolate bars; 16. Favourite, Enter Shikari pit canvas; 17. Favourite place; 18. I'm not a fan of being at the train station on my own...; 19. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Kettle and toaster from Wilkinsons and Tardis mug from Amazon; 20. Best bookshelf you ever did see; 21. I am loving cosy movie nights in our flat; 22. Prettiest skies; 23. Sims 3 and South Park before the BIG move; 24. This will be the death of me....; 25. Bathtime in an attempt to destress, using a LUSH Rose jam bubble bar; 26. I chose to wear Black in that weather, what was I thinking?!; 27. Coolest thing I've bought in a while! 28. Shopping for the apartment went well; 29. SUN, SUN, SUN ☼;  30. New flatforms, much easier to walk in than I thought!

Hello my lovelies! It's been a while huh?! As you can tell my pictures, we're now in York and really enjoying it! We've been VERY busy sorting the flat, if you're wondering which, it was one I mentioned in a previous post, which we fell in love with instantly! I'm going to do a more indepth post about moving and what we've done so far soon now we have fully working WIFI again, yes to that! As you can tell from the pictures we've had such a busy couple of weeks - we moved, Ben graduated, he's also now been working for almost two months and so much more!

I should be back to blogging regularly soon, what would like to see now I'm back? I hope you've all been well and I cannot wait to catch up reading posts!

Lots of love
Alex xox

Thursday, 4 July 2013

A day in York.

Hello lovelies! If you didn't know I'll be moving to York pretty soon, which I'd been super nervous about as I'd never been before until I visited at the weekend. My boyfriend has been working there for almost a month now and we've both completely fallen in love with the city. It's so beautiful! Sheffield is quite nice but York is something else, I love that theres no cars or buses in the city center. It makes it much nicer to be in.

My favourite part of York had to be The Shambles, its definitely like something you'd see in Harry Potter. I later discovered that it inspired Diagon Alley, amazing huh?!

After feeling really nervous, I'm in the excited stage now! We've found the perfect apartment (which is almost ours!). I'm so excited to make the place our own, I'm sad about leaving family but I cannot wait to start the next chapter of our lives together.

I cannot wait to officially move and find a job there. I'm super excited to see how they do Christmas.

I hope you've enjoyed reading!
Lots of love
Alex xox

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

And the winner is.....

Hello lovelies! Just a very quick post to announce my giveaway winner, which is the lovely Chloe from Chloe goes to uni - check her out, she's so lovely and so is her blog! Thank-you to everyone who entered, I'm so grateful for you all! I may host another giveaway in the future as this one was pretty fun!

I hope you all have an amazing day!
Lots of love 
Alex xox
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