Friday, 31 October 2014

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween guys! I hope you all had an amazing Halloween, I spent the night with friends and my boyfriend carving pumpkins and watching scary movies. If you haven't seen Tokyo Gore Police, I'll tell you know, its an experience!

What do you think of our Pumpkins?! Can you guess what they are and which is mine?

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

When the weight of all the world is pushing down, just push right back!

Maxi Cardigan, shirt, jeans - Primark + DIY on jeans, fur lined boots - H&M, Necklace - Superdrug.

Hello lovelies! Its been a long time since my last OOTD hasn't it?! Here is what I wore to the pub quiz on Sunday night, I have worn my Maxi Cardigan to death since I bought it, mainly for work with lots of Black but it goes perfect with anything.  The jeans and boots are also becoming a big staple, the outfit above was the first time i'd worn them together but I love how they looked. I'm also really excited to wear the boots with more, other than jeans - I think they'd look really cute with smock dresses and Black tights.

Please excuse the lighting in the pictures, they were taken on our garden just before we headed out. It was a very impromptu shoot.

Hopefully you'll be seeing a few more outfit posts in the near future, once I've bought a tripod! If someone could recommend one to me, that be fab!

Title - sssnakepit by Enter Shikari.

I hope you're all having a FABULOUS Wednesday!

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The Halloween tag.

Hello my loves! Today I have another tag post for you, each year I get more and more excited about Halloween and each year we end up doing nothing... but this year we're going to spend it with our best friends, carving pumpkins and watching scary movies - my idea of a perfect night!

1. Favourite Halloween/ scary movie?
I love all the Chucky movies, I own them all on DVD. I also love the SAW series. The nightmare before Christmas is up there with my favourites too.

2. Halloween costume this year?
As I said above we're doing nothing but watching movies with friends and I don't intend on dressing up for that but I would love to dress up as a Witch from AHS - Coven! Might even wear it to work that day.

3. Any Halloween traditions?
As a child my mum and I would make my outfit then go trick or treating but as an adult, I haven't really done anything. I think me and my boyfriend will carry on the pumpkin carving tradition, we did it last year and really enjoyed it!

4. Best Halloween/ Fall themed food?
To be honest I haven't really tried any, I have been very tempted to try a Pumpkin spice Latte though!

5. Do you believe in witchcraft?
For me to believe something, I need to see it and I've seen no proof that it exist but I'm not saying no...

6.  Best costume you've ever worn?
I feel terrible that I don't have one that jumps out to me, I've worn a lot of witch costumes in my time though.

7. Favourite candy?
CHOCOLATE, I've been loving Terry's Chocolate orange with popping candy at the minute. I'm excited to make Halloween cupcakes soon too.

8. Favourite decorations?
Anything with glitter! I am loving some tealight holders I picked up from Poundland recently, I'm very tempted to keep the Ghosts up all year round.

9. What type of Monster would like to be?
I wouldn't class a Witch as a monster but definitely a Witch, they dress the best and their powers can be insane!

10. Best thing about Halloween?
Seeing cute children dressed up, halloween sweets, scary movies - my list is endless.

If you fancy giving this tag a go I'd love to read so leave me a link in the comments below! 

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Sunday wishlist #57 - Stepping into Autumn ☁


Hello lovelies, it's been a while hasn't it?! We've now been in our little house for 2 weeks and we adore it so much! We've had a hectic couple of weeks but I'm ready to get back into blogging!

Now the weather has finally started getting cold, I am completely ready for Autumn! Although I have been looking at cosy coats since July but let not talk about that, eh?

I really need some key A/W pieces and I think the items I've chosen are perfect, I adore Black clothing and this wishlist really shows that..... The coat has to be my favourite item though, it looks so snuggly! I also love the boots too, they're fur lined and would look great with anything.

What's your favourite item from the wishlist?

Friday, 3 October 2014

LUSH Christmas range haul.

Hello lovelies! Today is the day LUSH brought out their christmas range and I couldn't have been more excited to get my hands on them! LUSH always do amazing christmas products but over the years I haven't been able to try any as we've only had a shower but now we've got a bath, I'm going to go LUSH crazy!

As soon as I finished work today, I made my way straight to LUSH to see all the Christmassy wonders they had to offer. I could have left with WAY more than I bought but I'll definitely be going back for more in the very near future.

Butterbear bathbomb - £1.95

Candy Mountain bubblebar - £2.75
Father Christmas bathbomb - £3.50
So White bathbomb - £3.50

I'm so happy with all the products I choose, they all smell amazing! The staff at LUSH York were all so friendly and gave me some great advice about the products. Anything that smells sweet like is always a winner for me so Candy Mountain is what I'm most excited to try!

What LUSH Christmas product are you most excited to try?

Thursday, 18 September 2014

The little things.....

- Finding a new favourite song on an album you've listened to a thousand times.
- New pajamas.
- Bath time.
- Your favourite movie's being on TV.
- Polite and happy customers at work.
- New homeware.
- Burning candles.
- Finding a quote that fits your mood.
- Netflix nights.
- Summer mornings!
- Freshly washed sheets.
- The smell after rain.
- Sleeping in late.
- Holding hands with someone you love.
- Enjoyable WWE PPV's.
- Sunsets.
- Seeing cute dogs in the street.
- Quiz nights with friends.
- Finding a new TV show and becoming obsessed!
- Mario Kart nights.
- Watching movies so bad, they're amazingly good.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Life update - We're moving!

photo credit

Hello lovelies! I've been a bit of a crappy blogger recently haven't I?! Well, all is about to be explained - as you can tell from the title, we're moving! For the past year myself and Ben have been living in a little flat close to York city center but in September, we're moving into a house! How grown up does that sound?! We'd had a little trouble with other neighbours and we're definitely ready for a change too.

So, blogging has taken a bit of a back seat recently but I think its been for the best, I've had lots of writers block recently and having a break has really helped, plus I don't really have much spare time recently and when I do I'm either spending time with Ben and our friends or spending the nights searching the internet for home pieces! Ikea has become my new best friend!

I'm completely mentally ready to move and hopefully my little blog will improve with more fashion based posts, as we have a garden where I can take outfit pictures once I have a tripod!

My usual posts will resume as soon as I have time so please bare with me! You can see recent updates on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook page.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

PINspiration - home #2.

Hello lovelies, its Wednesday with means it's PINspiration post day! Recently myself and Ben have been looking for a new place to live and I cannot get enough of homeware, as usual I went straight to Pinterest for help!

I am loving neutrals with a pop of colour recently, whether thats bright or pastel - I don't mind! I am also loving monochrome too.

all images can be found here.

What home trends have you been loving recently?

Thursday, 31 July 2014

The Harry Potter tag.

Hello my loves! Today I have another tag post for you and as today marks Harry Potter and J.K Rowlings birthdays I thought this tag would be great - I've seen it floating around for a while and if you didn't already know I am a huge HP fan so this tag is perfect for me, shall we begin?!

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Sunday wishlist #56 - Festival edition.

one / two / threefour / five / six

Hello lovelies! Summer is here, which means it's festival season! Unfortunately I wont be attending a festival this year (boo!) but I sure would love to, not only for the amazing music but also to able to wear a something summery and dance around in a field - A girl can dream.

I think the pieces I've chosen would be perfect for any festival, I am loving smock dresses and Kimono's at the moment - they're both so flattering and super easy to wear!

Every festival outfit needs a floral headband/ crown and this one New Look is so lovely, I love the colours and how simple yet effective it is.  I recently bought a backpack and its come in so handy, it would be great to carry festival essentials in.

Every festival goer needs a good pair of wellies and how cute are the New Look Chelsea wellies?! They're look amazing with any festival outfit.

I adore seeing how much festival fashion evolves over the years but I think some of my favourites have been quite recent, some of the outfits I saw people wearing at coachella were outstanding! I think festivals are the perfect opportunity to wear something new and different you wouldn't normally wear.

Are you attending a festival this summer? What key pieces will you be taking with you?

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

PINspiration - craving shorter hair!

Hello lovelies! Its been a while since I lasted posted a PINspiration post, hasn't it?! Shorter hair seems to be everywhere at the moment and I love it! I recently saw the beautiful Lily from LLYMLRS had cut her hair shorter and I fell in love with it instantly, its so perfect and I now want to go shorter - I've had shorter hair in the past and always liked it (after getting over the initial shock!) as its always so much easier to work with!

On my quest for shorter hair, I went straight to Pinterest!

I am loving the effortless, messy, curly look at the moment. I've found a new love for my curling wand and cannot get enough of curly hair! I'm also loving ombre'd hair, I've had ombre'd hair for months but I'd love to go lighter on the ends for the summer months. 

All images can be found here,

What hair trends have you been loving at the moment?

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Happy (belated) birthday Velvet-Tidesxo plus second birthday giveaway! (closed)

Hello my loves! As I promised in a previous post, here is my belated second birthday giveaway, If you would like the win a scent box including 12 scents from Me to You - Sutton Coldfield and an Owl Oil Burner from Shared Earth, follow Mr. Rafflecopter below and he'll tell you what to do.  The scent box will include 12 different village candle scents made by chopped up votives, including Orange Dreamsicle, Caramel kettle corn, Peppermint mocha (Christmas exclusive!), Lemon Poundcake, Black Cherry, Summer Slices, Black Bamboo and many more!

Here is what the scent box looks like!

You must be following via GFC and the giveaway is UK entries only.  The giveaway will be running for a week from today and I'll be contacting the winner via email and/or twitter once the giveaway has ended!

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Happy 2nd birthday Velvet-Tidesxo!

Hello lovelies! As you can see from the title, my little blog turns two today, this blogging year has flown by, it doesn't seem long ago that I was writing a post about my blog turning one. Over the year I feel I've progressed so much, my blog design mostly! My posts (or lack of!) on the other hand haven't been great, I just haven't had time to blog recently but soon enough I'll be up and running again!

I would love to be spending my day writing posts for you all but instead, I'm doing a 10-5 shift at work instead, boo!

As a little treat for all my lovely followers, I shall be holding a giveaway as soon as I've been paid! I am so thankful for all the my followers who have stuck around over these 2 years, I adore all you! 

Hopefully over next couple of months I will be sharing many more posts with you, I'd love to post more OOTD's now the weather is nice!  I'll hopefully be posting more baking post with you all.

Is there anything YOU would like to see from me in the near future?

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Motivational Monday.

Hello my loves! My life lately hasn't been great, hence my lack of posts recently (except the odd few I'd scheduled in advance) I won't go into too much detail as I don't really want to post it here yet but motivational quotes have been a great help recently!

As cheesy as that sounds they have, I know that its not just me they have helped so heres a few to help you, whether you have the monday blues, you're having a crappy day work,  you have a problem you need with or you just need something to put a spring back in your step.

As you can see, I turned to most motivational place on the internet, Pinterest!

Recently I have need something or someone just to just tell me that things will be okay and the quote above fits perfectly for that, its so simple but it does the job so well.

I know this post has been quite short and sweet but I hope that this post has helped any of you that needed something to brighten your day! Feel free to share any quotes that help you below, I'd love to hear some of your favourites.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Sunday wishlist #55 - Candle time.


Hello my loves! If you've read my blog for a while you'll know I love candles! Yankee and Village especially, all I seem to be drawn to are the food and fruit scents - I've smelt all the scents above and I can't get enough! I've used a Bahama Breeze sampler and its been a firm favourite for a while. I've also been very tempted by Black Coconut as it's Yankee's fragrance of the month along with white gardenia. 

The Lampshade and plate are such a bargain! I've only ever seen them over £20 but I luckily found them on eBay for £14.99! I think that midnight would be perfect with the decor in our little flat which is neutrals and Black. You can see more in my candle wishlist on my pinterest here.

What's your favourite candle? Have you ever tried any of the products above?

Friday, 30 May 2014

The common White girl tag.

Hello my loves! Today I have a tag post for you and its the common white girl tag - I haven't been tagged by anyone to do this post but its a tag I really liked so it's being done! Here we go...

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Saturday at The Deep.

Hello lovelies! On Saturday (24th) I had my first Saturday off work in a long time so I wanted to do something special, we had quite a few idea's - A trip to Manchester, A trip to Leeds, A day at Flamingo Land but all of those plans depended on weather and it was forecast to rain, ALL DAY! Instead we decided to go the Deep, I had never been before and they now have Penguins there - some of my favourites. I've alway loved Aquariums and I was sure I'd love the deep too, it took us 2 hours to arrive in Hull from York and the deep was only a 15 minute walk from town.

Here's a few snaps we took there.

Please excuse the quality of some of the pictures, they're a mixture of photo's taken on my Nexus 4 and my boyfriends Nexus 5 (his is way better!)

I would highly recommend going to The Deep if you're looking for a lovely and cheap day out for all the family! We booked our tickets online, giving us 10% off and we can now reuse the tickets again over the year! 

Have you ever visited The Deep?

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Sunday wishlist #54 - Kimono love.


Hello lovelies! On my recent trip to Leeds I bought a lovely Black Lace Kimono which I haven't stopped wearing, it goes with everything! Kimono's are a perfect way to cover up and still be cool throughout Summer and If you're like me and like to be a little covered up - they're for you too!

I cannot wait to buy more kimono's in different styles and designs, I think they're a great way to add to a plain outfit i.e a cami and jeans or a plain dress. My personal favourite from the six I've chosen has to be number three, which is from Asda! Dark florals are always a winner for me.

You can see more Kimono's on my wishlist board here.

Which kimono is your favourite and how would you style it?

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Village Candle - Juicy Melon.

Hello lovelies! I have yet another candle review for you, this time it's Juicy Melon by Village Candle. In my personal opinion Village candle are much better than Yankee, I really like both brands but village candles are much stronger. 

Juicy Melon is described as variety of delicious melon notes combined with kiwi and vanilla. As I'm getting down the jar I can smell more than just Melon, its so lovely and refreshing! Perfect for Spring/ Summer.

The candle has been burning great, very clean - yet again! I'm so excited to buy another but I'm limiting my candle spend and attempting to use up all my offcuts from Yankee samplers. You can find the seller here.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

And we'll never be Royals.

Hello lovelies! Here is what I wore to a recent wedding reception, the theme of the wedding was Purple but I couldn't find anything Purple that I actually liked other than a the nail polish - which I'm in love with! I was pretty sceptical ordering the dress as its not a style I've worn before but I really like it, the different materials really break it up. I'm excited to wear the dress again, I think it would be really cute worn in the summer with Vans or jelly shoes.

I'm hoping to do more outfit posts now the warmer weather and brighter nights are approaching us!

Title - Royals by Lorde.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Village Candle - Brownie Delight.

Hello my loves! I have been a candle lover for quite some time now and I recently discovered Village Candle, I had smelt quite a few of their scents in a lovely little shop in York and I fell in love with Brownie Delight at first smell.

Brownie Delight is described as a delicious blend of warm caramel and melted butter into mounds of marshmallow fluff as sweet layers of dark chocolate lava cascade upon the sugary brownie batter. Baked to perfection and best served warm! To be honest all I smell is pure chocolate, which isnt a bad thing, it makes our whole flat smell so good.

The candle has two wicks meaning a cleaner burn and double the smell. The seller I bought the candle from on eBay was great, amazing communication and it arrived very quickly and in perfect condition. You can find the seller here.

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