Friday, 31 May 2013

Babyliss curling wand pro.

Hello lovelies! I really wish I'd have reviewed this item sooner because I adore it, I got a babyliss curling for Christmas from my parents (this one to be exact) and then I luckily won a giveaway Babyliss were hosting which was such a lovely surprise because when I was emailed I had completely forgotten I'd entered!

Here's what Babyliss said about the curling wand pro -

"This Babyliss curling wand Pro is a professional styler with no clamp, to give freedom and flexibility to create beautiful free-flowing curls with no kinks. The longer barrel with Wrap Control is designed to gently hold the hair for easy winding and consistent results, and with a longer length barrel, this styler is ideal for curling longer hair."

I found the curling wand pro super easy to use as it comes with a heat-protective glove, which I'd advise you all to use as it means no burnt finger tips! It was my first time using the curling wand and I found it really easy, saying that I struggled with the direction to hold it but I got the hang of it in no time!

I loved that the wand had so many heat settings, I used the curling wand on hottest setting (210) and a cooler setting for my fringe (180). I held the curls for a around 10 seconds, they stayed in for a whole day with only minimal dropping! 

It's now a day later since I curled my hair and its dropped in to lovely beach waves and I only set them with a little hairspray.

I would definitely recommend the Curling Wand pro, they're super easy to use and are a very reasonable price. The one I used was designed for longer hair but all you short haired ladies could use it too!

Lots of love Alex xox

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Inspect-a-gadget - Kobo Mini review!

Hello sweeties! A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by the lovely Chris on behalf of, he told me about a Inspect-a-gadget (more information here!) and asked me if I'd like to review a product for me, I immediately jumped at the chance! I've always loved technology so a little eReader was perfect, I adored reading as a child but lost interest in my teens. I hoped having a little eReader would help me get back into that!

So, what are the basics:

•At 134g the lightest 5" E Ink reader for the convenience of reading on the go.
•It fits in your pocket (101 x 133 x 11mm)
•The responsive touch screen makes it easy to navigate - touch and tap your way through books.

•No glass and no glare - even in direct sunlight!
•Feature-rich with Wi Fi, touch screen and customization tools to provide the best reading experience.
•The only eReader with fun, interchangeable back covers to express your style and personalise your look.
•Read comfortably, with Kobo's amazingly sharp custom font & choose from 24 font sizes and 7 styles.

•Store up to 1,000 books on this eReader.
•Shop for eBooks anywhere with built in Wi Fi.
•Access today's bestsellers, hidden gems and tons of free titles. Plus easily find Books you'll love with Kobo Picks: recommendations just for you.

I personally think that the Kobo mini is perfect for any occasion whether that's a long train, car or bus journey or whether you're just laying in bed relaxing! The product would also be very handy for holidays too as it would be great to use either on the beach or on sun-lounger around the pool.

The product is super easy to use and very easy to read on, I love that you change the font size, plus the font too! I also love that the Kobo can be easily customised too, whether you buy a case online or a snapback to change the colour of the back of your Kobo, which can be bought from WHSmiths too (here, available in various colours).

Once you've signed up and registered Kobo will frequently email you with various offers, i.e - 25% off various books.

The main thing about the device for me was being able to put my own books onto the Kobo very easily, I had already purchased some books previously and I was luckily able to put them onto the device with no problems. I have 16 books and they don't take up much space at all! Another thing I love is battery life, I've had the device around 3-4 weeks and I've only had to charge it once! 

Overall I think that the device is great! Amazing value for money and a lovely little device, perfect for any tech or book lovers out there.

Lots of love Alex xox

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Instagram diaries 13th May - 26th May.

1. Possibly my favourite episode of Supernatural so far, so cheesy!; 2. Check out my blogpost about Maybelline's The Colossal; 3. DOMINO'S, Silly buggars forgot our sides though; 4. How gorgeous is this Pandora ring?! Why is my birthday so far away.....; 5. I am happy to announce that justice has been served!; 6. Yummy treats while watching Eurovision; 7. Check out my blogpost about the what's on my phone tag; 8. I love nights watching Buffy, it's so fun watching them with someone who hasn't seen them before; 9. I am dying for this, Stitch is the cutest; 10. 2 hours of revision and a huge exam; 11. Perfect shower playlist; 12. Celebratory nando's; 13. My whole life is spent on transport; 14. Yay for sunny mornings!; 15. Watching Tangled for a change; 16. The weather might be cold but it's okay to eat Ice-Cream in cake form.

Lots of love Alex xox

Friday, 24 May 2013

Maybelline Volum' Express - The Colossal!

Hello lovelies! I have been meaning to review this mascara since I bought it a couple of weeks ago, I had been using Rimmel's Scandal'Eyes for years but it began to irritate my eyes. I had meaning to buy a new mascara for so long but struggled to find one with a big brush until I saw Maybelline's Colossal Volum'. The packaging drew me in first though, I love the mix of bright Yellow and Purple, very eye catching!

Here's what Maybelline said about The Colossal -

Up to 7x more volume in just 1 coat! Colossal brush, Colossal volume, Colossal impact. Discover the new Colossal mascara from Volum' Express, the world's no. 1 mascara brand!

The collagen enriched formula plumps your lash look for mega impact. Simple and quick to use: dip your Colossal brush and with this 1 coat of mascara generously charge your lashes for Colossal volume.

I found that the mascara worked amazingly! I love the packaging, the brush and the effect it gives my eyelashes, the whole product is a real winner for me! I don't actually use that much in the day time but the mascara seems very buildable if you'd like more a shocking eye for nights out. The only downfall for me is the smell of the mascara itself, I very rarely notice the smell of make-up products but its quite strong, it hasn't put me off wearing it though!

I'll be adding pictures of the mascara on my eyes soon but as I'm writing this at almost 2am, theres no point me putting make-up on now! By the way does anyone else take pictures of products of on their clothes because they don't have pretty bedding?!

Lots of love Alex xox

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Sunday wishlist #43.


Hello my little lovelies! Happy Sunday :) I hope you've all had a glorious day. I've been on such a high since I passed my exam on Friday and I spent my Sunday evening my favourite way - baking! I baked my grandparents cookies. I am loving browsing online at the moment but that's nothing unusual is it?! 

I think I've found some pretty great items, the bodysuit is lovely and how cute as its a cat! I am also loving the beautiful Sugarhill boutique dress, the colour and print! I'm also loving shower jellies at the moment, I recently bought Sweetie Pie from LUSH and I've been looking for something similar since. I scoured ebay and found the one above by a company called Bath, Bubble and Beyond. They have some many great looking products and I'll definitely be buying some of there jellies!

How gorgeous is the ring?! Is it crazy that I'm looking for my 21st birthday presents already? My birthday isn't while January but a girl can dream, huh? I adore the whole style of the ring, the rose in the middle is so different from others I've seen around.

I think I'm going to review my Zara Basic Messenger bag this week, if you'd all like to see?
Lots of love Alex xox

Friday, 17 May 2013

What's on my phone - tag!

Hello sweethearts! I'm back and I'm happy to say that I passed my retail course exams with over 90%! Anyway I've seen this tag floating around and it's right up my street.

phone/case: My phone is the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, it was my boyfriends before mine and I've had it for around 6/7 months and I'll definitely be sticking with it for a while! I'm such an android girl, all my phones have been androids and this one is by far the best I've had. It's perfect for everything I use it for, my only problem is battery life but that might just be me! The case is by a company called Hello Deere and it's from Ebay, my boyfriend kindly bought it me for my birthday! Although the case is pretty cute, its very impractical because of its size. The case is also available for other phones too!

wallpaper: My wallpaper is just a standard picture of Cinderella's castle I found on Google, I'm a huge lover of Disney and I always have been. The day I visit Disney world/land will be a VERY happy day! The exact image is here.

ringtone: My ringtone right now is just a standard android ringtone and the same goes for my message tone, nothing fancy!

homescreen: My homescreen has all the apps I use everyday, either with a simple icon or in a folder. All my other apps are in the app drawer.

bottom bar: My bottom bar is just shortcuts to call, contacts, messages (text and facebook) and google hangout, which used to be Google talk. They stay there on every page which is really handy!

most used apps: My most used apps are - Facebook, Instagram, Google hangout, Candy Crush (who'd have thought it!), Outlook emails, IMDB, Facebook pages manager, catch notes and then just the standard apps like Google music and other Google apps. I also use Mr. Number a lot which allows you to block numbers you don't want calling you I.E spam numbers!

photography apps: I have far too many photography apps! I sometimes use more than one to edit too. My main ones are - Instagram, #nocrop, Lumie light effects, photo grid, real bokeh free and also shape'd. I also have After focus, Awesome miniature tilt shift, FxCamera, Labelbox, Line Camera, Phonto, Photo Studio, PicsArt, PicsPlay, Pudding Camera, Rando, Snapeee, Snapseed and Super Photo. All apps are available on the Google Play Store now and some may be available for IOS devices too.

music: I love to have music on my phone, it such simpler than carrying around my ipod too! Google Music is a lifesaver, it makes it so you don't need to have the music stored on the phone as they're all stored online instead! Google music can upload your itunes libary meaning you can have all your music at your fingetips! I wouldn't recommend Google music if you didn't have completely unlimited Data as it streams the music online but you can easily select music to play and keep offline.

Just incase you were wondering how I got the HK icons, I downloaded the Apex launcher which lets you customise your phone then I downloaded the HK app for the launcher which I can't find (sorry guys!).

I'll definitely be sticking to Android, the thought of another phone makes me cringe haha. I adore the look of the Nexus 4, it's very pretty in White and the back is beautiful. If you haven't seen look here (thanks to my boyfriend for the link!)

I tag anyone who is interested in the tag!
Lots of love Alex xox

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Ice-cream cupcakes?! Yes please!

Hello sweethearts! Sorry about the lack of updates recently (my bad!) but I'm on a week long retail course at the moment so I don't have much free time to blog. I did have a couple of hours free to bake though, we have exams this week so I thought these little beauties might brighten up everyones spirit.

I used two different recipes one for the Chocolate cupcakes (here) and one for the yummy Vanilla frosting (here). I also added chocolate sprinkles and chopped up pieces for flake (3 full sized bars). The frosting turned out amazing as I used a wonderful decorating syringe, which I payed a measly one pound for! You can also buy a similar one here. I think I'll be getting so much use out of the little thing, definitely worth the money I paid!

I should be back to blogging to sometime next week! I recently bought the Zara basic messenger bag so I'll be writing up a post when I can. 

Lots of love Alex xox

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Instagram diaries 29th April - 12 May.

1. New jammies; 2. Excited to try Sweetie Pie by LUSH; 3. I finally found a Coke bottle with my name on!; 4. Tatty Vans, Midi and bloody leg featuring my boyfriend; 5. New favourite game! Say the same thing; 6. New purse, thank-you Asos!; 7. Teacuprose giveaway entry; 8. Insanely hot in Sheffield Peace Gardens; 9. Check out my review of B. Naked foundation; 10. My 10 year old brother got whatsapp, our full conversation looked like this....; 11. BBQ Weather; 12. You will be the death of me Domino's; 13. Hopefully this little thing will serve me well; 14. Midi's and hi tops, all day, every day! 15. Lunacrust IG giveaway; 16. Happy Star Wars day, May the fourth be with you; 17. Finally bought a midi dress; 18. SHOPPING!; 19. Frozen aero bubbles are the best; 20. Check out my entires for the Worldwide Wardrobe challenge; 21. Drinks in the sun; 22. I am loving my new foundation; 23. Chocolate cupcakes with Orange Aero bubbles; 24. My dad sent me these what I made for him when I was younger, so glad I learnt to spell!

Lots of love Alex xox

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Sunday wishlist #42 - Ever Ours edition.


Hello lovelies! I am in love with Ever Ours recently and by the looks of it, so many other blogger love them too! They have such a diverse collection, which includes so many on trend pieces. There daisy print dress are adorable and perfect for summer, they have them in three colours too - Blue, Red and White (coming soon but can be seen on their facebook page). All their products are so evenly priced too and their sale at the moment is great. I'll definitely be buying some things to add to my S/S wardrobe.

Lots of love Alex xox

Thursday, 2 May 2013

B. Naked Light Hydrating Foundation.

Hello lovelies! I know I say this at the beginning of  EVERY month but how quick has it gone?! My skin has gotten so dry in the change of weather so off I went to Superdrug, I usually feel really awkward talking to the make-up ladies but I really need advice as I usually match my shade of foundation wrong, I told the lovely lady I needed something for dry skin and she told me about B. A brand I'd never heard of before but she told me great things about them. The foundation is mean't to last 8 hours, it also hydrates the skin.

Here's what B. said about B. Naked -

"B. Naked has a light formulation which offers a natural matte finish whilst keeping the skin hydrated. Perfect for that natural ‘not wearing any makeup’ look.

Giving 8 hours of transfer-resistant wear and buildable coverage from day to night, B. Naked hydrates the skin with Hyaluronic Acid. Contains UVA/UVB filters to help protect the skin."

I found that the foundation applied really well and it lasted quite a long time. It'd say it gives light coverage but is very easy to build up, I think the foundation would work better if applied with a brush as I only ever use my fingers but I'm soon to invest in real techniques brush.  I also found that foundation matched my skin perfectly, which is amazing as I've never found a foundation that matched, it was either too light or dark. I found that the foundation lasted a long time but ended up looking quite dry, probably because of the dry skin I have on my face at the moment but it felt lovely when I first applied.

I'd really recommend the foundation if you're looking for a nice, light, hydrating foundation. All B. products are now on offer in Superdrug. I'd definitely try more of their products.

Lots of love Alex xox
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