Wednesday, 30 January 2013

LUSH - "It's raining men".

Hello lovelies! What's this? Another review? I am loving anything by Lush at the moment, "It's raining men" is the third product I've tried and It's made me love LUSH even more! I adore their "Honey, I shrunk the kids" soap and also "Honey Bee" bath bomb, they all have a similar smell. Which is devine!

Here's what LUSH had to say about It's raining men -

"Tall, blonde, dark, lean, rough and tough and strong and mean – it doesn’t matter which type you are, this shower gel is going to be great for you. It’s bursting with exotic flowers, honey and sweet wild orange and has a rich honey-toffee fragrance."

I used a generous amount on hands and it worked great, my skins smells and feels amazing. I probably used a little more than I should but that's because it smelt so good! I did find that it smelt much stronger with water though and could be quite overpowering but I love it none the less. The gel itself was more a syrup than a gel, which I loved. It glided over the skin much better than a normal gel. All round, I love the shower gel! It has the sweetest smell and works great on my skin, what more could I want?

If you love anything with a sweet smell, this product is for you! 
Lots of love Alex xox

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Happy (belated) birthday to me!

Yesterday I celebrated my 20th birthday! I had such a lovely day, I spent the morning with my family and boyfriend then went shopping at meadowhall. I bought my first pair of Disco Pants, they cost me £12.45 (£10 off with a meadowhall voucher and my boyfriends student discount!) they're a pair by Glamourous too! I coudn't believe my luck! I also bought a satchel from primark (outfit post coming soon!). We spent the evening at a beautiful Indian restaurant, I ate so much that I could have popped (Thank-you Groupon and your great offer!).

I got some great presents for my birthday, my boyfriend bought me Hello Kitty Vans, "It's raining men" by Lush, a giant box of Haribo stawbs, Thorntons chocolates and I still have presents to arrive! He really spoilt me, I got some other girly bits from my parents and grandparents, plus some money from my parents too.

On a different note, I finally reached 50 followers! Thank-you to anyone who's followed me!

I hope you all enjoy your day! I may have some more beauty related posts coming soon!
Lots of love Alex xox

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Sunday wishlist #31.

1//2//3 (similar available in Primark, £9)//4//5

Hello sweeties! How quickly has Sunday come around again?! Just a quick wishlist today as I'm about to start getting ready ready then me and my boyfriend are off to my parents for the night. It's my birthday tomorrow and I couldn't spend my birthday away from home.

What do you think of the items above? I have fallen in love with the playsuit so much.

On a different note I'll be doing my instagram post's weekly (if I can keep up with it), instead of monthly as the posts are quite big and I need more on my blog, I'll be doing more beauty posts too which I'm really excited about.

lots of love Alex xox

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Make Up Academy Mosaic Blusher - review!

Hello sweeties! I can't even think of how long It's been since I've done a beauty related post but I'm pretty damn excited about this one as it feels like forever! I adore MUA products far too much, they're amazing value for money and great quality, I've found before that cheaper make-up brands can be pretty poor quality but MUA are definitely an exception.

I'm no expert on make-up but here's what MUA had to say about their blusher -

"The Mosaic Blusher, combines four gorgeous shades that when swirled together create the perfect natural blush shade. Grab a blush brush and swirl around the compact so all the colours blend together and then simply apply to the apples of the cheekbones. Use a small amount for a natural look or build up for a more dramatic contoured look. The reason why there are so many colours in one blush is to build up a better colour palette of pigmentation! All skin tones take different colours more prominently and by using them all in one go, it will adapt to suit your skin tone. This will look totally different on you and your BFF!"

I can't fault the product at all, the packaging is very sturdy and the blush itself is great. I wear it almost everytime I go out and it looks great, I think this blusher is definitely one to have around all year. In the packaging the product looks quite shimmery but It's not at all, which I love and  it adds just the right amount of colour. The product is so easy to use too! My only issue really would be how hard it is to get into, if I had nails they would have broken but I've found that in time it really loosens up.

I highly recommend this product if you couldn't tell already! 
Lots of love Alex xox

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sunday wishlist #30 - birthday edition!


Hello lovelies! It's my birthday in just over a week so this is the perfect opportunity to show you all what I'd like haha.  I will be turning 20 and I've asked for Hello Kitty vans, what 20 year old wouldn't want them for their birthday? They're pretty damn cute and they're in the sale too! Perfect time to get them, my boyfriend has kindly already bought them for me already but he's making me wait to have them :( I very rarely ask for anything around my birthday as I never know what I want up until my actual birthday, does that happen to anyone else? This wishlist was a killer to think of but they're mostly  items I've wanted a while. I have been dying for another pair of Romwe leggings, I already have two pairs but a girl can't have enough pairs of leggings right?! I am also dying for more lush products too, I adore the Space Girl bathbomb and i'd love to try the Rock Star soap, has anyone tried it already? I need a watch too and the one above is beautiful, it would great with outfit! Finally I would love a stippling brush, I've heard so many good things about them and anything to make my poor make-up skills better is fine by me!

I'm not really excited about turning 20, it's just going to be another year but I hope it brings so much for me! A Job and an apartment would be great.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday beautiful ladies (and gentlemen)!
Love Alex xox

Monday, 14 January 2013

Midi dresses for £20 and under!

Hello cupcakes! I've seen lots of midi dresses around at the moment and with January being one of those months where funds are tighter than usual I thought i'd show you my favourite Midi finds. They're so on trend and seem to suit everyone!


Midi dresses can work for any occasion and I think they'll be staying around in the seasons to come! I am in love with the Missguided Galaxy print dress, it's beautiful!

What do you think of midi dresses? Which is your favourite?
Love Alex xox

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Sunday wishlist #29.


Hello lovelies! I can't believe we're into our 2nd week of January already and I'm almost at my 30th wishlist, where does the time go eh? Once again I am in love with my wishlist, I have definitely caught the disco pants bug! I bought my first pair (well technically 2nd as my first pair didn't fit but hey ho) from Daisy Street and I can't wait for them to arrive! I also tried on a Navy pair in Bank and I adore them. They made me look and feel fab! I have also caught the Lush bug again, I am craving more and more products but living with Ben at the moment I can't use their products as he doesn't have a bath so I'm trying to steer myself toward their shower range. I smelt "It's raining men" on my last visit and it smelt beautiful, I may have to treat myself soon! I can't think of anything else to say about this wishlist other than "I WANT THEM ALL!", mainly the Sugarhill boutique dress and the tee. The tee would look great with disco pants and it's only £8 too! Thank-you and your amazing bargains.

I hope you all have a happy Sunday!
Love Alex xo

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

2013 - Be good to me.

Dress - Missguided
Belt - Ark
Creepers (not shown) - Tribecca Shoes

Hello lovelies! What do you all think of my NYE outfit?! I am in love with it :) the dress was super comfortable! I spent NYE with my boyfriend and his parents, we went to the club for a couple of hours, got bored then went to my boyfriends grandma's and had pizza. It was a pretty boring NYE but lovely none the less. I just wish i'd spent it at home this year, for so many different reasons which I won't go into. I can't believe that this only my 15th outfit post and I've had my blog so long! I'll definitely be posting more in the future!

I hope you all had a lovely start to 2013! I'm really hoping that this year is MY year! There's so many things I want to do - find a job, get my own apartment and reach 100 followers on here maybe? Wow, how cheesy do I sound?! 

Lots of love
Alex xo

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Sunday Wishlist #28.


Hello sweethearts! What do you think of my first wishlist of 2013?! Everything on this wishlist is a MAJOR want! I am yet to own a pair of Disco pants that fit me well, my boyfriend bought me a pair for Christmas but they're so stiff and pretty short :( damn my tall genes! I am loving anything sheer at the moment, the playsuit is a steal at £10 and its a beautiful colour, it could be great for SS13. The crosses shirt is another steal at just over £10, I adore the shoulders on it. I've been lusting over Space Girl since my boyfriend bought me some Lush products for our 3 year anniversary and I am dying to try anything for the Topshop make-up/nail line. Finally I think I've found the best playsuit ever! Who wouldn't want to be covered in skulls?! It's so beautiful.

Hope you enjoy your day!
Love Alex xo

Friday, 4 January 2013

13 things for 2013!

I am really hoping that 2013 is a great year for me! I spent 2012 pretty bored, I won't really go into much detail it'll probably bore you all so on we go to my 13 things.... -

1. Fill a jar with good memories - I've seen this idea all over, tumblr, facebook, twitter (the list is endless!). 2012 was full of ups and downs and I really wish I could remember more good memories, writing them down would really help for whenever I was feeling down.

2. MORE OUTFIT POSTS! - I really cannot wait to do more outfit posts! I lacked outfit posts in 2012 as I didn't really have any spare money to buy more clothes or I took pictures to do a post but never posted as i thought they weren't very good.

3. Hit over 100 followers - I have just reached 40 followers and I am so thankful, I am so grateful for all my followers but I would go insane if I reached 100!

4. Bake more - In 2012 I really got into baking cupcakes, it started when I wanted to bake for my cousins birthday and it just steamed from there. Everyone loved my cupcakes and I would love to bake more, I had 1 order in 2012 and I now have another for 2013.

5. Change my hair style - I've had the same hair style for YEARS! Mid length with a side fringe, I would love to change it drastically but I doubt I have the confidence. I've been wanting a full fringe for a while so I think I'll be starting there....

6. Go out more - In 2012 I went properly out once (due to lack of id) and i'd love to go out more!

7. Attend a blogger event - I got my first invite to a blogger event toward the end of 2012 but I couldn't attend as it was in London :( I hope I get invited to more that I can actually attend.

8. Make my blog more clean - My blog has been pretty messy in 2012, I have lost count of how many times I've actually changed my blog "style". I adore what I have now but i'd love to make it much cleaner.

9. More date nights - It's very rare that myself and Ben go out, we have LOTS of night in but i'd love the odd meal and cinema date.

10. Eat healthier - My diet is shocking, I've seen much worse but I would love to try more food. I'm such a picky eater but I will try more!

11. Spend more time with family - I very rarely see my family as I spend everyday with Ben but I would love more time with family.

12. Learn to do my make-up better - My make-up skills aren't great and I would to learn more, I think I'll be spending a few hours watching youtube video's for inspiration.

13. JOB! - I really hope I get a job this year, I've lost count of how many jobs I applied for in 2012 and not one of them got back to me. I hate that most of them dismissed me because of lack of experience but I have no idea how I'm meant to gain experience if no-one will give me a chance?! I'm either hoping to get a job or go back to college at some-point.

I have no idea how i'll achieve everything but I'm preying I achieve something.

Love Alex xo

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Instagram diaries - December.

1. Selfie!; 2. My mum bought me an advent calendar; 3. Listening to 1D on the bus, no shame; 4. HOLIDAY'S ARE COMIN'; 5. Me and Ben watched Ted (again); 6. I wish I saw my HP tattoo so much more; 7. Food at whetherspoons; 8. Ben made me watch Muppet's Christmas Carol, I loved it; 9. Carnival by Technic; 10. Spending my night playing Sims; 11. We watched Brave for the first time; 12. We also watched my go to movies for when I'm sad; 13. Picture speaks for itself really...; 14. COME AT ME COLD!; 15. I bought the cutest gift bags for friends/family; 16. Carousel in the towns center; 17. Harry Potter maraton; 18. Velvet-Tidesxo reached 10,000 views overnight! Thank-you everyone who's viewed; 19. Listening to Linkin Park on the bus to keep myself sane; 20. Weeping Angel on the top of our Christmas tree; 21. My mum bought Ben and myself our first Christmas tree for his uni room; 22. I guess the Doctor saved us all again, right?; 23. Selfie before we braved Meadowhall, bad idea!; 24. Dainty Darko Accessories ring; 25. Me and my brother put a mini tree in my room and then watched Child's play; 26. Sunday Wishlist #27; 27. My attempt at being festive; 28. Tangled was on TV on xmas day, beyond happy!; 29. My boyfriend bought me a beautiful necklace from Sawyer and Scout, along with Disco pants (which don't fit too well, reason number 308374856 why I dislike being tall) and also a dress; 30. I used my curling wand (present from my parents) for the first time, not too shabby I guess; 31. I bought the best pyjama bottoms from the New Look sale; 32. My boyfriend bought me a Lush Mr. Bumble for our anniversary, which we attempted to cut up; 33. YELLOW BATH! It smelt beautiful; 34. Curly hair for NYE; 35. NYE outfit! Missguided dress and Ark belt.
Wow, what a busy month! Well it looks that way anyway, December was pretty stressful in terms of Christmas. My family and boyfriend loved their presents though and I loved everything I got. I got quite spoilt, which I didn't expect. My favourite present has to be my Golden Snitch necklace though! It's so god, damn adorable. I think I'll be treating myself to another necklace from Sawyer and Scout soon, Neville's Rememberall maybe?! I think January will a pretty laid back month, I have nothing planned as of yet other than NYE (It was a let down, we ended up at Ben's grandma's with pizza haha). I have my birthday at the end of the month and to be honest, I'm not too excited. It's just another year I guess. I feel like I'm rambling again , so i'll stop. I have an outfit post of what I wore NYE coming soon.

Love Alex xo
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