Saturday, 30 June 2012

Under blue moon I saw you, So soon you'll take me... - Outfit #01

Top/Dress - Drop Dead (old)
Leggings - Claires Accessories
Vans - Schuh
Bag- Select
NYC Expert nail polish in Gramercy Glitz - Superdrug

I've always been someone who'd rather be comfy in clothes than into fashion. I love the leggings so much and I seem to be wearing them a lot recently, so glad I bought them when I did (£2 from Claires accessories about 2 years ago).  I use the bag and Vans almost everyday, they're pretty much a staple to almost every outfit I wear. Pretty boring outfit post, blah.

Title - The Killing Moon by Echo & The Bunnyman.

Love Alex 

1 comment:

  1. Lovely every day style, I'm the same - I live in the same converse, they're just so faithful! Thanks for following me lovely :-) I'm following back xxx


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