Sunday, 20 April 2014

Sunday wishlist #53 - Pastel pretties!

1 (also available in mint and cream)//2//3//4//5

Hello lovelies! Happy Easter, I hope you're all having a wonderful day and haven't even too much chocolate...... I am loving pastel colours at the moment and that is something I never thought I would say (Black clothes 4 life!). The dresses are so lovely, the Glamourous dress is one that I had in mind for a wedding reception as the theme is Purple but I chose a nude dress from Dorothy Perkins instead. I adore the Models own nail polish so much, I've been attempting to get my hands on some for a while but they're ALWAYS out of stock in my local stores - it reminds me of Mini Eggs so much! 

What's your favourite item in the wishlist? 

Heres a little apology about being a little MIA recently but I lost my blogging bug..... I have a few posts in my drafts so once they're finished they'll be up!

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