Wednesday, 16 July 2014

PINspiration - craving shorter hair!

Hello lovelies! Its been a while since I lasted posted a PINspiration post, hasn't it?! Shorter hair seems to be everywhere at the moment and I love it! I recently saw the beautiful Lily from LLYMLRS had cut her hair shorter and I fell in love with it instantly, its so perfect and I now want to go shorter - I've had shorter hair in the past and always liked it (after getting over the initial shock!) as its always so much easier to work with!

On my quest for shorter hair, I went straight to Pinterest!

I am loving the effortless, messy, curly look at the moment. I've found a new love for my curling wand and cannot get enough of curly hair! I'm also loving ombre'd hair, I've had ombre'd hair for months but I'd love to go lighter on the ends for the summer months. 

All images can be found here,

What hair trends have you been loving at the moment?


  1. I love this hair style, look so natural x

    1. They're all so pretty! I'm having such a hard time choosing which one to go with haha x


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