Sunday, 22 July 2012

We'll still have the summer after all.

Playsuit and belt - New Look
Blue floral Vans - Office
Necklace - birthday present from my cousin, so I have no idea :(
Scrabble ring - eBay

Today we had a BBQ at my nans for my cousins birthday with all the family, so glad the weather stayed nice all day. I wore my new playsuit for the first time and I was surprisingly comfy all day (apart from when I had to take it off just to go to the toilet -.-).

Hope everyone's had a great day like I have, my Granddad definitely gave us the sun today.

(Lantern we set off for my Granddad)

Title - Summer Boy by Lady Gaga

Love Alex 


  1. you look stunning in that it really suits your slim figure :) x

  2. You have such a gorgeous figure, you look lovely in that playsuit! It's a lovely print. Beautiful photographs :-)

    P.S - that necklace is quite possibly the coolest thing ever!

    1. Thank-you sweetie! I love the necklace, my cousin bought it me for my 18th birthday. They should be available on ebay too, I wasn't too sure what to search to link it :( xxx

  3. You look very sweet, love your play suit!


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