Saturday, 15 December 2012

My new years eve outfit.

Hello sweeties! Here is a little sneak peek of what i'll be wearing on NYE, I love this outfit far too much. The dress is from my boyfriend as a christmas/anniversary present. I've wanted the belt for months after seeing it in Urban Outfitters but £18 for a belt was a little steep, the one I bought was from ARK and was just under £13, bargain! I've paired the outfit with creepers as I really didn't want to wear high heels as my feet would hurt all night, plus myself and my boyfriend are almost the same height.... I'll be using the bag I use everyday as I'm sticking to Black/Gold, pretty usual for me as I don't really like gold but the studs on the dress won me over. I have no idea how to accessorise the outfit but i'll probably add my scrabble ring and eyeball ring from Dainty Darko.

The outfit came in at around £55! I think it's pretty good as I'll get a lot of wear out of all the pieces and I actually cannot wait to wear this outfit. NYE can't come quick enough!

Love Alex xo


  1. You're gonna look super good for the outfit choice! Also love your blog, instant follow :)


    1. Thank-you! I am super excited to wear it :D thank-you for the follow too lovely xo


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