Sunday, 23 December 2012

Sunday Wishlist #27.


I am so excited about this wishlist! This week I found one of the best ebay sellers, Hidden Fashion. All thanks to the lovely Robyn Mayday! It's so cheap! They have creepers for around £13, also disco pants for around £9! I'm a little sceptical about the quality but all their items look okay to me! I am again in need of jumpers of I still haven't bought any because of Christmas. The 2 are above would be perfect to just throw on and wear with disco pants and Vans. I am also in dire need for a new phone case, the one I have at the moment is White with multi-coloured flowers, I love it but it gets dirty very easy. A Red polka dot case is right up my street and the price is lovely too!

If you haven't noticed I haven't had a blog of the week for couple of weeks as I just haven't been able to stick to it.

I hope you all have WONDERFUL Christmas! I actually cannot believe how close to Christmas we are, It still doesn't feel Christmassy to me but I'm hoping that will change once I'm home.
Love Alex xo


  1. love that shredded rose knit! super cool<3
    would you like to follow each other?

  2. I love the dress, looks beautiful Xx


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