Thursday, 4 July 2013

A day in York.

Hello lovelies! If you didn't know I'll be moving to York pretty soon, which I'd been super nervous about as I'd never been before until I visited at the weekend. My boyfriend has been working there for almost a month now and we've both completely fallen in love with the city. It's so beautiful! Sheffield is quite nice but York is something else, I love that theres no cars or buses in the city center. It makes it much nicer to be in.

My favourite part of York had to be The Shambles, its definitely like something you'd see in Harry Potter. I later discovered that it inspired Diagon Alley, amazing huh?!

After feeling really nervous, I'm in the excited stage now! We've found the perfect apartment (which is almost ours!). I'm so excited to make the place our own, I'm sad about leaving family but I cannot wait to start the next chapter of our lives together.

I cannot wait to officially move and find a job there. I'm super excited to see how they do Christmas.

I hope you've enjoyed reading!
Lots of love
Alex xox


  1. Aww congrats to you! Anywhere that inspires harry potter places is always going to be awesome. I have to wait another year until I finish uni and then me and the Mr will make plans (hopefully)! looking forward to your next post and hope you get the flat you want! :) x

    1. Thank-you we found out that the apartment is officially ours yesterday, so exciting! We bought so much haha, enjoy looking for places :) such an exciting time. It's always a winner if it inspired HP haha.


  2. Your is really beautiful! I hope the move goes really well for you Xx

  3. iv never been to york but it looks amazing

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  4. York is such a gorgeous city, you will love living there! :) xo


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