Sunday, 25 August 2013

Sunday Wishlist 47 - Autumn wants!


Hello my little lovelies! Sorry for being so mia recently, I've just lost my blogging bug a little but I feel more confident about blogging again! I'm really thinking about changing my blog layout as I feel like it's way too busy at the moment, I'd love my blog to be monochrome! If you have any recommendations of designers, let me know in the comments. I'm looking for someone quite cheap as money is pretty tight at the moment.

Anyway enough about that and onto my wishlist - I have always been a lover of dresses in A/W, I'm pretty excited for the beautiful tartan dress to go into store! I love leather jackets all year round but I've yet to come across one with a faux fur collar at a resonable price until I found the one above, which is amazingly from ASDA! I am really enjoying ASDA's clothing at the moment, they're so lovely and the shirt is also from there too. The boots are my ultimate favourite on the list, I've been looking for some flat cut out boots and I luckily found some on Ebay, they're matte which I adore too! Finally yet another wine coloured dress and it has a collar too, be still my beating heart! I just wish price was more reasonable, I can't justify paying £32 on a dress - NOPE!

I should be back to regular blogging as soon as possible!
Lots of love
Alex xox


  1. Oh my goodness that tartan dress is gorgeous! Can't believe it's Primark, looks more expensive! Definitely gonna be keeping an eye out for it in store xx

    1. I know, right?! Looks so much more expensive, I cannot wait to track it down :D


  2. I love the dresses! :)

  3. Love the jacket and the shirt - I "added it to basket" a few days ago...your post has 100% convinced me I must have it. :)

    1. Haha I think I've found some gems! I'm definitely on the lookout for the jacket - such a shame we don't have an ASDA superstore close :(

  4. I want those boots too, so cute and they look comfy!

    Tara xo


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