Friday, 24 January 2014

Valentines day gift idea's - him & her.

Hello my loves! With Valentines day coming soon, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to put together a little gift guide for anyone struggling on what to get their partner (or soon to be partner) for valentines day.


All the things in the wishlist above are things I think anyone lady would love, LUSH is always a great place to start, their Valentines range is alway great! Chocolate is alway great too, being the chocoholic I am - It's always a joy for me to receive chocolate and an even bigger when it looks like a bear. True Rose by Yankee candle is amazing for setting the right mood, it would be perfect to have lit on Valentines day. The lipstick is gorgeous, beautiful colour and its called Valentine too - PERFECTION! The nail polish is called Love Spell and its scented too, I'm very intrigued to know what it smells like!


For the guide for the guys I think I've gone quite safe but I think any guys would love them! It seems that everyone and their mum loves Breaking Bad and the Valentines box is perfect, it includes a Heisenbergh wanted posted, liquid Meth syringe pen (not real of course!), Meth candy rocks and much more! The mini Dean Winchester is my absolute favourite from the list! They also have Sam and Castiel too. The nexus 7 case is great for any tech lover, the circuit board is a great touch. I thought that the wishlist was lacking a bit of the valentines vibe and Red Vans make it much better, shoes are always a winner too!

What have you planned buying for your significant other?


  1. Great post! Unfortunately for me I am single, so no valentine haha

    1. Thank-you! Treat yourself to something nice instead :)


  2. Yankee candlessss, Yess please!! Xx

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