Tuesday, 7 January 2014

My 2014 Goals.

Hello lovelies! Happy 2014, I hope you all had a lovely start to the new year. My boyfriend and I had a quiet night in but it was lovely none the less. I've been meaning to this post for a while but I never stick to any of my resolutions so I've set myself a few goals to attempt this year.

1. Dye my hair Purple again - If you've been following me for a while you'll know I had Purple hair for a long time, I adored the colour but it was hard to maintain and I'm useless at dying my hair myself. I'm determined to go back though and I've had a box of dye in our flat for months....

2. Experiment more - In life I stick to what I know and I'd love try much more - with my hair, make-up, clothes, things on the blog, EVERYTHING.

3. Eat better! - My eating habits are terrible and christmas made me realise how bad I am, again I stick to what I know and love and they're not that great. I'd love to go into a restaurant and try something new from the menu every once in a while but that may be a challenge as I'm a very picky eater.

4. Travel - In 2014 I'm really hoping Ben and I can go on our first "proper" holiday together, I would love to see more of the world, Rome is my first choice. I'd love to visit London too.

5. Meet new people - By moving to York in 2013 I've met some lovely people! I'd love to meet more and finally meet some of my blogger friends in person.

What are your goals for 2014?

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