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30 ways to save £1.

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Hello lovelies! Moneysupermarket are holding another little challenge for us blogger, it's pretty simple as you need to do is list 30 different ways to save £1. Find more information HERE! I was quite excited about doing this challenge as being unemployed and my boyfriend being a student money can be quite tight sometimes but here are my tips....

1. Always look for discount codes online, I rarely buy something online without looking for a discount code. It could save you 10% or even 20%!
2. If you want to go the cinema, go on Wednesday. Being on Orange (or EE) can really have its perks, they offer a 2 for 1 for any customers, it could save you a fortune!
3. Another Cinema tip, invest in an unlimited cinema card. They're £15.90 a month but you can see as many movies as you like, definitely worth it if you're a movies lover!
4. Sell and shop on eBay, always a winner. If you're wanting a crop top, instead of paying £10 in Topshop search eBay and you could find it for a more than half the price.
5. If you use MAC or LUSH products save old empties, they offer a trade in service. MAC is six empties (more information HERE) for a free lipstick, saving you £14 and LUSH is five full sized pots for a free face mask of your choice saving you £5.95 (75g).
6. Use loyalty cards wherever you can! Most places have them Boots, Superdrug, Tesco, Sainsburys, Starbucks - you name it! Points make prizes and in some cases free drinks or food.
7. Save all your coppers in a jar, it all adds up and you'll be glad you saved them someday.
8. Enter giveaways! I enter lots and I've won some amazing prizes, saving me quite a bit of money.
9. If you're a student, don't be afraid to ask for discount in stores it could save you atleast 10% and most stores offer it.
10. Look for deals wherever you can, Eg 2 for 1, 3 for 2, buy one get one free - they could all save you serious money!
11. If you're going somewhere not too far, walk! Catching a bus may be quicker but you'll be saving lots in the long run!
12. Groupon and other discount websites are always great.
13. Get your hair cut at local colleges, I'm not sure on prices in colleges but they're going to be much cheaper than in a salon!
14. Have an old mobile sitting around the house? Trade it in online or in places like CEX, you could earn between to £10 to over £100.
15. If you're ordering online, check if you can collect in store. They're usually either free or cheaper than standard delivery. 
16. If you're under 25 and travel a lot, get a young persons railcard. Prices are ever on the increase and a railcard will save you 1/3 of on journeys.
17. If you're on O2 sign up to O2 priority moments, lots of great deals to be had!
18. Be crafty, craft blogs are great to follow and most DIY's are very pretty simple and cheap.
19. Shop in charity shops.
20. Go to car boot sales and bargain! 
21. Look in the bargain section in supermarkets, going later on in the day could also be a bonus. Also stock up on foods you eat regularly and freeze them.
22. Look for recipes online instead of buying a book, it will save you money as well as space in your home.
23. On a family day out - take a picnic with you!
24. Use shops on the high street like poundland, 99p store, poundworld. You could find your most loved beauty items (or great dupes!) for a fraction of the price.
25. Squeeze every last drop from your toothpaste, shampoo (and conditioner), moisturiser, foundations, the list is endless. Also cut the end of any tube you can, there could always be more in the bottom!
26. Takeaways cost a fortune! Ditch the pizza/Chinese/Indian and make your own. It can be lots of fun.
27. Make wishlists! Something I do often (every week in fact) write down all the things you want in a month and instead of buying them all just treat yourself to one, preferably the cheapest.
28. Dye your own hair! I've never had my hair dyed in a salon and it saved me a hell of a lot, I usually buy my hair dye when they're on offer, often they're 2 for £6 or something similar.
29. Have a night in with your friends - much cheaper and probably way more fun!
30. My final tip, is a pretty simple one, do you really need it? 

I hope you've liked my tips, you can also enter yourself! All information is linked above.
Lots of love Alex xox

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