Sunday, 14 April 2013

Instagram diaries 1st - 14th April.

1. Candy Crush, I HATE YOU!; 2. Selfie; 3. Free phizzy pig tails, cheers O2 priority; 4. Cutest sign near my boyfriends flat; 5. Check out my posts featuring LUSH goodies from the lovely Danielle from A Blog from Blackpool; 6. Capri-Sun and Scary Movies; 7. The Walking Dead and Tea in bed; 8. 90's music will always be my guilty pleasure; 9 and 10. Dinosaur and Mammoth skeleton @ Manchester Museum; 11. WRESTLEMANIA!; 12. My boy bought me a Lindt bunny, it was almost too cute to eat!

Lots of love Alex xox

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