Monday, 30 December 2013

Instagram diaries - 2013 roundup.

Hello my lovelies! Everyone and their cat has done this style and being the sheep I am, I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon as I haven't done a post like this in a long time.....


January was a really lovely month, Ben and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary on the first, I celebrated my 20th birthday on the 28th and then I reached 50 followers on the 29th! 50 followers may be small for some but huge for me! We also saw quite a bit of snow in January which wasn't too nice.


February was a month of ups and downs for me, I had a 2 week trial at B&Q, which I really didn't enjoy but I was sad I didn't get because I met some lovely people, but my boyfriend made it all better by buying me chocolate and LUSH goodies for Valentines day - which we agreed on not celebrating. We had more snow and I made Ben Peanut butter cookies and cupcakes for his birthday - this is now a tradition we'll be carrying on.


March was a really good month in my opinion, I baked more cupcakes, started watching Breaking Bad, enjoyed lots of sun and Easter rolled around towards the end - what more could anyone want?!


April was another good month, we visited Manchester, visited some cute animals, my boyfriend was retweeted by Seth Rollins (WWE) and we saw WWE Raw live again. April was also filled with lots more sun, which is always great.


I really enjoyed May, it was filled with BBQ's with family, a retail course - which I passed with flying colours, I perfected Ice-Cream cupcakes and my boyfriend had an interview for a company in York that he got a job for! Celebratory Nando's shot haha.


In June I reached more milestones on this little blog - 70 followers and reached 1 year of blogging! I also visited York for the first time and fell in love, we visited some beautiful places and found our future flat (which we moved into in July!)


I loved July, we began by shopping around for our flat on the 6th,  enduring ridiculous heat on 9th, Ben graduating on the 18th and we saw countless beautiful sunsets. In between those we moved into our flat on the 13th, its so crazy to think we've now been living there for 6 whole months!


August was a pretty standard month, we had been living in York for a couple of weeks, my mum visited and we took a little trip into town and saw part of the minster (it was pretty expensive to see it all!) I also got THE primark dress that all the lovely blogger ladies have, its now December and I'm yet to wear it, I'm not sure if Red is my colour.....


September was another amazing month for me! I listened some great music, ate some great food (Eds Easy Diner and Masons Arms pictured above) with friends and family and I got a Job at Shared Earth, which I never thought I'd get! I've now been working there for 4 months and I couldn't be happier. My work mates are so lovely its unreal. 


October again was great, The Walking Dead came back, my boyfriend and I enjoyed some lovely Autumn walks and we carved our first pumpkins together, which was a great success! 


November was a pretty standard month, not much happened other than my blog had a makeover and we watched the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who. I worked crazy amounts but it was all worth it!


December was a pretty full month! We put our first tree up together, visited Leeds on a failed Christmas shopping trip, ate the best dinner cooked by my lovely boyfriend, I got addicted to Starbucks white hot chocolate and ate tons! Oh I also worked even more! 

All round its been a great year, full of lots of highs! I cannot wait to see what 2014 has in store for us!

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