Friday, 30 May 2014

The common White girl tag.

Hello my loves! Today I have a tag post for you and its the common white girl tag - I haven't been tagged by anyone to do this post but its a tag I really liked so it's being done! Here we go...

1. Favourite Starbucks drink?
White hot chocolate with a little cream, I don't like coffee and I discovered the white hot choc just before christmas and became addicted! Its become quite bad....

2. How long does it take you to get ready?
That all depends on where I'm going, for work I will usually shower/ wash my hair the night before so it will usually take me around 30 minutes to do my hair, make-up and get ready in the morning and leave.

3. How many selfies do you take on a daily basis?
To be honest not that many, the camera on my Nexus 4 isn't that great for selfies and my hands are way too shaky these days!

4. How many instagram followers and posts do you have?
At the moment, I have 323 followers and 494 posts, which isn't too bad to say I check IG multiple times a day.

5. Do you ever say LOL or OMG out loud?
LOL - Never! I will say oh my god occasionally though haha.

6. Do you wear the same item of clothing more than once?
Yes! My clothes are very loved and worn, in a good day! If only I had the wardrobe of Cher Horowitz though, that would be awesome!

7. How many tweets do you have?
3,576 I never really got down with twitter, I only really tweet when I have something funny to say or when I'm retweeting giveaways....

8. Instagram, Twitter or Tumblr?
Definitely Instagram! Although I love tumblr, I've had it so long that it bores me now - why I still have it I don't know! Probably just to look at cute pugs.

9. What do you spend most of your time doing?
When I'm not working I will either be sleeping, binge watching TV shows, online window shopping, spending my time on Pinterest, watching Youtube video's, baking or spending time with my boyfriend!

10. Who are your favourite Youtubers?
I have way too many favourite Youtubers but off the top of my head Lily Melrose, Lilmisschickas, Sprinkle of Glitter, Marie bits and clips, Melonlady, Leanne Lim Walker, Scarlet Saint, The Saccone-Jolys, EssieButton, Pixiwoo, gemsmaquillage, Fashion rocks my socks - the list is endless!

11. How often do you do your nails?
Over the years I have been a terrible nail biter but recently since I discovered Barry M's Gelly nail polish, I've become much better! I now do them every couple of weeks, if I'm not feeling too lazy.

12. Are you a shopaholic?
I wouldn't say am, I don't really like trying clothes on in stores and I hate busy shops but online shopping is so different - I could spend hundreds at once online, its lethal!

13. How many times have you watched Mean Girls?
A lot! I can't even remember an exact number, me and my cousin became obsessed with it in your teens! I probably know the film word for word, I celebrate october 3rd by tweeting quotes and reblogging on tumblr, I watched it on Christmas day because of this scene, I don't wear Pink on Wednesday though, Black is my colour of choice!

14. Do you own a lot of clothes?
I don't think so, I have a reasonable amount - although I think my boyfriend would disagree!

15. Do you take pictures of your food before you eat it?
It depends what I'm eating, if the meal looks "pretty" then yes! To be fair though, who with Instagram doesn't?!

16. Do you wear makeup everyday?
No, I only wear makeup when I'm going out, in the house I look horrendous most of the time.

17. How do you usually style your hair?
I always curl my hair! My Babyliss curling wand is my best friend, its made my life so much easier. Dry shampoo is one of my best friends too, its definitely a hair savior!

18. Do you always look presentable?
No, haha! As I said in a question above in the house I look terrible, no makeup and messy hairs are great.

I tag whoever hasn't done this tag!

I hope you've enjoyed reading!

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