Thursday, 1 May 2014

Village Candle - Brownie Delight.

Hello my loves! I have been a candle lover for quite some time now and I recently discovered Village Candle, I had smelt quite a few of their scents in a lovely little shop in York and I fell in love with Brownie Delight at first smell.

Brownie Delight is described as a delicious blend of warm caramel and melted butter into mounds of marshmallow fluff as sweet layers of dark chocolate lava cascade upon the sugary brownie batter. Baked to perfection and best served warm! To be honest all I smell is pure chocolate, which isnt a bad thing, it makes our whole flat smell so good.

The candle has two wicks meaning a cleaner burn and double the smell. The seller I bought the candle from on eBay was great, amazing communication and it arrived very quickly and in perfect condition. You can find the seller here.

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