Sunday, 30 June 2013

Instagram Diaries 10th - 30th June.

1. Beautiful yet busy day in York; 2. Would anyone be interested in buying the above Glamourous midi dress? Size 10, never been worn as its too big for me. £18-19 including p+p; 3. Remember my blog birthday giveaway is still running but only until tuesday (only enter if you're following via GFC or Bloglovin' please!); 4. Smiley near my boyfriends flat; 5. Early morning movie, Wreck It Ralph; 6. Heaven on a flat, so good!; 7. Go away rain, It's bloody June; 8. Bus selfie; 9. Take me back :( majorly missing Blink 182; 10. Ghost feet...; 11. Feeling pretty; 12. Fathers day food with my boyfriend's parents; 13. Favourites, which I don't wear enough! Get your own here; 14. Big hair, small snitch; 15. Not being able to sleep means Youtube time, hey there Essie Button!; 16. SO. MUCH. FOOD!

Hey guys! Sorry I've been slacking so much recently, our life is a little busy at the moment. Ben has now been working in york for almost a month, while I've been at home looking for somewhere to stay, We viewed two apartments yesterday and fell in love with the second, which you can see here! I am praying we get it, the price is just a little steep for us but we're going to try and negotiate. The skylights won it for me completely! Anyway enough about that, I'm excited which means rambling again. If you're interested in the Glamourous dress, please comment below.

Lots of love 
Alex xox


  1. I am in love with the print on that dress but because I'm so short, midi dresses look awful on me and make me look shorter than I am! Also, you've made me hungry for a Spoons meal now! :) xx

    1. Awww one of my friends is the same! The print is so lovely too! Ive made made myself hungry haha.


  2. The apartment looks really lovely - hope you get it! :)

  3. York is so beautiful! Lovely pictures!


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