Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Warner Brothers studio's tour - part 1 ϟ The Great Hall.

Hello lovelies! On Sunday I was lucky enough to visit the Warner Brother studios in Watford as a birthday treat from my lovely boyfriend. Since the first Harry Potter movie came out in 2001, I have been in love - I had seen all the movies in the cinema and I now have a Harry Potter tattoo on my back (see here)..... I'm currently reading the book as I wasn't much a reader at a young age, to be honest I'm not now BUT what sort of a HP fan would I be without reading the books?!

So, lets start at the beginning! We arrived at the studio's at around 2pm, our slot wasn't until 4:30 but we were lucky enough to be allowed in at early, the tour started in a small room then lead onto the cinema which told you the story of how the books were discovered and created, then we were lead into the great hall! The great hall is the only section that is properly guided, the tour guide told us lots of facts.

By this point, I had lots of tears in my eyes and I couldn't believe where I was standing, it was just as magical as I imagined. 

FUN FACT: The great hall was the only set that had a proper floor because they needed something that would stand for 10 years, it was made from durable York flagstone.

Next up in this little series will be...... The Big Room! 

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