Sunday, 17 February 2013

Instagram diaries - 3rd - 17th February.

1. Cutest (belated) birthday card from my grandparents; 2. New jammies! Men's pj's are so much better than women's; 3. Valentine's gifts, my boy is a cutie; 4. Snow ❅; 5. Selfie before a 4 hour shift at work; 6. Orange Toffee Choc's and New Girl night; 7. My boy is such a babe for buying my favourite's for my birthday; 8. So excited to try this!; 9. This definitely shows how varied my music taste is; 10. Favourite phone case; 11. This is totally acceptable, right?; 12. I'm selling a pair of "Starry Night" leggings HERE!

Lots of love Alex xox

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