Friday, 1 February 2013

Instagram diaries - January.

1 and 2.  Addams family values and Tangled with my boy on New Years day; 3. Three years with Ben on 1-1; 4. In bed alone but atleast it was super cosy; 5. Guilty pleasure; 6. Waiting around for Ben; 7. Follow me on twitter (@AlexWilsonxo); 8. Favourite leggings from Romwe (HERE!); 9. My favourite blusher smashed; 10. New pug blouse and slippers; 11. Selfie before our late anniversary; 12. Favourite ADTR song; 13. Stan Marsh follows me on twitter, claim to fame; 14. Spending days (and nights) watching Kirstie Allsopp; 15. Birthday shoes from my boy; 16. I downloaded the Tangled soundtrack, no regrets; 17. Birthday wishlist; 18. I should really wear my galaxy leggings more; 19. SNOW, I HATE YOU; 20. Snow days playing Sims 3 and watching The Notebook; 21. Favourite PJ's and Friends; 22. Selfie before my pre-vet, I hate trying to look presentable; 23. GO AWAY, SNOW; 24. Ben & Jerry's before 12pm, what is life?; 25. Another day of watching Friends; 26. I spend my life on buses; 27. BIRTHDAY GIRL!; 28. Birthday breakfast, so healthy; 29. Hello Kitty Vans; 30. Selfie before my birthday meal, new shirt too (link HERE!); 31. I finally reached 50 followers on GFC; 32. LUSH "It's raining men" review.

Lots of love Alex xox

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