Sunday, 3 February 2013

Sunday wishlist #32.


Hello you! How did Sunday come around so fast?! I had a pretty standard week other than I had an interview for B&Q and I was offered a two week trial, I'm pretty unsure how I feel about it. I want to be excited but if I'm honest, I don't really want the job, It's not very "me". I hope that after the two weeks something else comes along. 

Anyway enough about me and onto the items above! What do you think? I am in love with them all, how cute is the heart dress?! It's in the sale too (£20!) and what's this another dog shirt? I can't get enough of them at the moment, they're just so cute! I adore the items from too, the skulls and roses playsuit is possibly the greatest playsuit I've ever found, I need more basic dresses and the charcoal dress would be perfect to pair with vans and a leather jacket. 

Enjoy your Sunday! I'll be doing my first trial morning at B&Q from 10am then I'm off to watch the superbowl with my boyfriend and his friends around 7pm.
Lots of love Alex xox


  1. I love this post, your blog is gorgeous dear <3333
    Love, Anna

    1. Thank-you so much! Mean a lot that someone enjoys my blogs :)

      Alex xox

  2. I love that Topshop dress!! xxx

    1. I know, right? Perfect valentines day dress :D xox


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