Friday, 1 March 2013

Best dressed at the Oscars.

Hello there! So the Oscars happened this weekend, what did you think? I am a big lover of award cerimonies and I just loved the Oscars. I hadn't watched the Oscars in years and I was a little disappointed by recent award cerimonies but the Oscars made me believe that they can be great again! The dresses I saw were outstanding!

Kristen Stewart in Reem Arca Couture , Jennifer Aniston in Valentino, Naomi Watts in Giorgio Aramani, Jennifer Lawrence in Dior and Jenna Dawen-Tatum in Rachel Roy.

Here goes with what I thought of the above dresses. Firstly,  I was in love K-Stews (yes, I'm making that a thing now!) dress. She looks so simple and elegant, It's quite brideish but lovely none the less. Her choices of accesories weren't great though, CRUTCHES! Poor Kristen cut the ball of her foot a day before the awards :( how Kristen was voted least sexiest woman is beyond me, she looks so great (see article HERE!) secondly, Jennifer Aniston looked devine! She always looks so perfect and I am loving that she's wearing red, it suits her so much. I know quite a few people were disappointed by Jennifers dress but I definitely wasn't, it was lovely to see a pop of colour in what seemed a sea of nude/pale dresses. Thirdly, Naomi Watts' dress was defiantly my favourite of the night. The colour is beautiful and I love the cut of the dress. It really flattered her shape. Sequins seemed to be a big trend at the awards, which I LOVED! Fourthly, Jennifer Lawrence! How could anyone not love her dress?! The colour, the cut, the details - gorgeous! Finally, Jenna Dawen-Tatum. How beautiful does she look? Her dress is amazing, I am a big lover of Black lace and I adore how the dress flatters her cute baby bump (aww!).  The cut of the dress is beautiful and I love the nudes in the dress too.

Who was your best dressed at the awards? I had such a hard time choosing my top five.
Lots of love Alex xox


  1. I love naomi watts's dress - gorgeous :)

    1. Beautiful isnt it?! I am so jealous of them all haha


  2. Oh I love Kstew! How is she least sexiest woman of the year? I can think of plenty others! xx

    1. I know, right?! Absolutely crazy, she's crazy beautiful :D xox


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