Sunday, 17 March 2013

Instagram diaries 4th - 17th March.

1. Star Wars with Ben, pew! pew! pew!; 2. Yummy creme egg; 3. Disappointing Domino's; 4. Sawyer & Scout blog post; 5. Check out, thank me later; 6. WHAT TIME IS IT?!; 7. Yummy food with my boyfriend and his parent's for mother's day; 8. Cheeky krush'em; 9. Attempted Chocolate and cookie dough cupcakes, they ended up cupcakes with cookies on top; 10. My entry for Passion for Fashion 2; 11. Early Easter egg and Project Runway; 12. Standard Friday bus journey shot, featuring disco legs and studded flats.

Lots of Love Alex xox


  1. Cream eggs, Dominos?!?! I'm massively jealous!!! Honestly, fave foods ever!

    1. I'd be jealous too ;) hot dog stuffed crust from domino's xo


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