Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Confessions of a (kind of) beauty blogger.

Hello lovelies! Just a quick post today as I've seen this tag floating around and I thought I'd give it ago. I always find people responses amusing, let me know what you're responses are!

1. I am the laziest person when it comes to painting my nails, I can go months without putting colour on them.

2. I'm also very lazy when taking my make-up off, I usually use baby wipes or sometimes I just forget. I really need to get into a routine of taking it off!

3. I don't own a single product by MAC or NARS, I'd love to but they're way out of my price range.

4. I have dyed my hair more times then you would believe, I first dyed it when I was around 10 or 11. My aunty put red streaks into my dark Brown hair then I've had it multiple colours since. My favourite has always been Purple though.

5. Sticking with the hair dying, I really regret having blonde put into my hair. I had a full head of highlights done by my cousin (who isn't a hair dresser by the way!), I had it done to make myself feel better after a break up but it just made me feel worse because it turned gingery blonde. It also wrecked my hair and didn't look too great either.

6. I'm always picking mascara off my eyelashes, I'm surprised I even have eyelashes left with the amount that come out sometimes!

7. I highly regret having a spray tan for my Christmas ball and Prom, looking back it wasn't a good look for me! I've stuck to being pale ever since.

8. I've attempted to shave my legs dry numerous times, the outcome always ends badly.

9. My first ever beauty products were clear mascara and a frosted pink lipgloss, I remember my mum buying me them when I was around 9 for a party. The mascara did nothing other than irritate my eyes and I hated the lipgloss, hence why I now wear nothing on my lips, EVER! I'd love to get into wearing lipsticks though, Topshop ones seem a must with bloggers!

10. I have a habit of always buying foundation thats too dark for my skin, I'll swatch it on my hand in the shop but by the time I get home and try it again it'll end up looking a completely different colour.

Let me know what you thought of my confessions!
Lots of love
Alex xox


  1. The first time I shaved my legs, I didn't know what I was doing and I shaved them dry! Eeeek, not a great idea! || GLASSES GIVEAWAY! xxx

  2. I used to go days without taking my mascara off properly - my teenage self was exceptionally bad at makeup removal!! I'm with you on the foundation front as well - I've now learnt my lesson and insist on a sample!
    Elle xxx


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