Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Ice-cream cupcakes?! Yes please!

Hello sweethearts! Sorry about the lack of updates recently (my bad!) but I'm on a week long retail course at the moment so I don't have much free time to blog. I did have a couple of hours free to bake though, we have exams this week so I thought these little beauties might brighten up everyones spirit.

I used two different recipes one for the Chocolate cupcakes (here) and one for the yummy Vanilla frosting (here). I also added chocolate sprinkles and chopped up pieces for flake (3 full sized bars). The frosting turned out amazing as I used a wonderful decorating syringe, which I payed a measly one pound for! You can also buy a similar one here. I think I'll be getting so much use out of the little thing, definitely worth the money I paid!

I should be back to blogging to sometime next week! I recently bought the Zara basic messenger bag so I'll be writing up a post when I can. 

Lots of love Alex xox

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