Friday, 17 May 2013

What's on my phone - tag!

Hello sweethearts! I'm back and I'm happy to say that I passed my retail course exams with over 90%! Anyway I've seen this tag floating around and it's right up my street.

phone/case: My phone is the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, it was my boyfriends before mine and I've had it for around 6/7 months and I'll definitely be sticking with it for a while! I'm such an android girl, all my phones have been androids and this one is by far the best I've had. It's perfect for everything I use it for, my only problem is battery life but that might just be me! The case is by a company called Hello Deere and it's from Ebay, my boyfriend kindly bought it me for my birthday! Although the case is pretty cute, its very impractical because of its size. The case is also available for other phones too!

wallpaper: My wallpaper is just a standard picture of Cinderella's castle I found on Google, I'm a huge lover of Disney and I always have been. The day I visit Disney world/land will be a VERY happy day! The exact image is here.

ringtone: My ringtone right now is just a standard android ringtone and the same goes for my message tone, nothing fancy!

homescreen: My homescreen has all the apps I use everyday, either with a simple icon or in a folder. All my other apps are in the app drawer.

bottom bar: My bottom bar is just shortcuts to call, contacts, messages (text and facebook) and google hangout, which used to be Google talk. They stay there on every page which is really handy!

most used apps: My most used apps are - Facebook, Instagram, Google hangout, Candy Crush (who'd have thought it!), Outlook emails, IMDB, Facebook pages manager, catch notes and then just the standard apps like Google music and other Google apps. I also use Mr. Number a lot which allows you to block numbers you don't want calling you I.E spam numbers!

photography apps: I have far too many photography apps! I sometimes use more than one to edit too. My main ones are - Instagram, #nocrop, Lumie light effects, photo grid, real bokeh free and also shape'd. I also have After focus, Awesome miniature tilt shift, FxCamera, Labelbox, Line Camera, Phonto, Photo Studio, PicsArt, PicsPlay, Pudding Camera, Rando, Snapeee, Snapseed and Super Photo. All apps are available on the Google Play Store now and some may be available for IOS devices too.

music: I love to have music on my phone, it such simpler than carrying around my ipod too! Google Music is a lifesaver, it makes it so you don't need to have the music stored on the phone as they're all stored online instead! Google music can upload your itunes libary meaning you can have all your music at your fingetips! I wouldn't recommend Google music if you didn't have completely unlimited Data as it streams the music online but you can easily select music to play and keep offline.

Just incase you were wondering how I got the HK icons, I downloaded the Apex launcher which lets you customise your phone then I downloaded the HK app for the launcher which I can't find (sorry guys!).

I'll definitely be sticking to Android, the thought of another phone makes me cringe haha. I adore the look of the Nexus 4, it's very pretty in White and the back is beautiful. If you haven't seen look here (thanks to my boyfriend for the link!)

I tag anyone who is interested in the tag!
Lots of love Alex xox

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