Thursday, 2 May 2013

B. Naked Light Hydrating Foundation.

Hello lovelies! I know I say this at the beginning of  EVERY month but how quick has it gone?! My skin has gotten so dry in the change of weather so off I went to Superdrug, I usually feel really awkward talking to the make-up ladies but I really need advice as I usually match my shade of foundation wrong, I told the lovely lady I needed something for dry skin and she told me about B. A brand I'd never heard of before but she told me great things about them. The foundation is mean't to last 8 hours, it also hydrates the skin.

Here's what B. said about B. Naked -

"B. Naked has a light formulation which offers a natural matte finish whilst keeping the skin hydrated. Perfect for that natural ‘not wearing any makeup’ look.

Giving 8 hours of transfer-resistant wear and buildable coverage from day to night, B. Naked hydrates the skin with Hyaluronic Acid. Contains UVA/UVB filters to help protect the skin."

I found that the foundation applied really well and it lasted quite a long time. It'd say it gives light coverage but is very easy to build up, I think the foundation would work better if applied with a brush as I only ever use my fingers but I'm soon to invest in real techniques brush.  I also found that foundation matched my skin perfectly, which is amazing as I've never found a foundation that matched, it was either too light or dark. I found that the foundation lasted a long time but ended up looking quite dry, probably because of the dry skin I have on my face at the moment but it felt lovely when I first applied.

I'd really recommend the foundation if you're looking for a nice, light, hydrating foundation. All B. products are now on offer in Superdrug. I'd definitely try more of their products.

Lots of love Alex xox

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