Friday, 24 May 2013

Maybelline Volum' Express - The Colossal!

Hello lovelies! I have been meaning to review this mascara since I bought it a couple of weeks ago, I had been using Rimmel's Scandal'Eyes for years but it began to irritate my eyes. I had meaning to buy a new mascara for so long but struggled to find one with a big brush until I saw Maybelline's Colossal Volum'. The packaging drew me in first though, I love the mix of bright Yellow and Purple, very eye catching!

Here's what Maybelline said about The Colossal -

Up to 7x more volume in just 1 coat! Colossal brush, Colossal volume, Colossal impact. Discover the new Colossal mascara from Volum' Express, the world's no. 1 mascara brand!

The collagen enriched formula plumps your lash look for mega impact. Simple and quick to use: dip your Colossal brush and with this 1 coat of mascara generously charge your lashes for Colossal volume.

I found that the mascara worked amazingly! I love the packaging, the brush and the effect it gives my eyelashes, the whole product is a real winner for me! I don't actually use that much in the day time but the mascara seems very buildable if you'd like more a shocking eye for nights out. The only downfall for me is the smell of the mascara itself, I very rarely notice the smell of make-up products but its quite strong, it hasn't put me off wearing it though!

I'll be adding pictures of the mascara on my eyes soon but as I'm writing this at almost 2am, theres no point me putting make-up on now! By the way does anyone else take pictures of products of on their clothes because they don't have pretty bedding?!

Lots of love Alex xox


  1. I love this, I like to try different mascaras and have used lots of high end ones but I always end up going back to this one xo

    1. I love it! I was torn between this one and falsie's but I'm glad I bought it, so good and great price too! xox

  2. This is my all time favourite mascara! Not too overpriced (but not cheap either) and works wonders for my particular eyes! I have the waterproof version at the minute and I think it holds a curl really well, definitely try it out next :)

    1. I think it's my new favourite! I definitely love it more than others I've used in the past :) I'll be trying the waterproof out once this one runs out :)



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