Sunday, 12 May 2013

Instagram diaries 29th April - 12 May.

1. New jammies; 2. Excited to try Sweetie Pie by LUSH; 3. I finally found a Coke bottle with my name on!; 4. Tatty Vans, Midi and bloody leg featuring my boyfriend; 5. New favourite game! Say the same thing; 6. New purse, thank-you Asos!; 7. Teacuprose giveaway entry; 8. Insanely hot in Sheffield Peace Gardens; 9. Check out my review of B. Naked foundation; 10. My 10 year old brother got whatsapp, our full conversation looked like this....; 11. BBQ Weather; 12. You will be the death of me Domino's; 13. Hopefully this little thing will serve me well; 14. Midi's and hi tops, all day, every day! 15. Lunacrust IG giveaway; 16. Happy Star Wars day, May the fourth be with you; 17. Finally bought a midi dress; 18. SHOPPING!; 19. Frozen aero bubbles are the best; 20. Check out my entires for the Worldwide Wardrobe challenge; 21. Drinks in the sun; 22. I am loving my new foundation; 23. Chocolate cupcakes with Orange Aero bubbles; 24. My dad sent me these what I made for him when I was younger, so glad I learnt to spell!

Lots of love Alex xox

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