Sunday, 23 September 2012

Blog of the week ♡ a l w a y s d r i n k t e a.

This weeks blog of the week is Kirsty! I love everything about her blog, its very well set out and her posts are always very well written and very chatty, which I love. She has a wide range of posts too. Kirsty's layout is adorable too, I wish my blog was up to the standard her is! To be quite honest i'd love to get the know Kirsty much more, we seem to have quite a lot in common and we seem quite similar.

I really think Kirsty's blog speaks for itself so I have nothing more to say other than go check her blog out!

Hope you're all enjoying my blog of the week posts, I'm having such fun choosing a blog for you all every week.

Love Alex 

1 comment:

  1. Aww Alex, thank you! :) This is so lovely, I've never been someone's blog of the week before, it's so exciting. I realise how sad that makes me sound, but oh well, haha.

    Your new layout is lovely btw, very seasonal :) xo


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