Thursday, 27 September 2012

Autumn polishes wishlist.

I very rarely wear nail polish as I bite my nails (such a bad habit but it's a nervous thing) but I cannot wait to attempt to let my nails grow and  buy Autumn shades of nail polish. I've been look around a whittled it down to my top 5!

1. Very Structured by Essie via Fragrance Direct - I think this shade is going to be throughout Autumn, I love burnt Orange tone of it and think it would look great with any outfit. The nail polish retails at £7.99 but is available of Fragrance Direct for a measly £1.99 (with £1.99 p+p). I think it's definitely a must for any Essie lover!

2. Shade 14 by MUA - MUA are great for nail polishes and this berry tone polish is no exception. Berry tones are really "in" at the moment and I think they'll be sticking around. I love that Shade 14 also is a metallic polish too. This polish is really worth buying as all MUA polishes are only £1!

3. Paddington Street by Nails Inc - I only recently discovered Nails inc by not being able to sleep one night so I checked QVC and saw them chatting about Nails Inc. The polishes they were showing looked great and very versatile. I found Paddington Street while browsing their website and I instantly fell in love. It's a gorgeous dark Purply/Red polish and it would look amazing with anything! I haven't been able to find the price as it's out of stock on the website but I think it's around £11, its also on Ebay starting at £3.99 or £4.50 so go and place your bids if you'd like the polish at a bargin price.

4. Suzi Takes The Wheel by O.P.I - I adore the colour of this polish! I've wanted to try O.P.I nail polish for a while but never found a shade that I loved as much as this one, It looks very Grey in the bottle but can look a beautiful shade of Olive. I think the nail polish is a pretty reasonable price too, you can get it for £8.40 from amazon (link above).

5. Rainy Day by Topshop - For my final choice I thought i'd go with a beautiful Lilac/Grey shade. Personally I love a good Purple nail polish (the site describes the colour as fog Grey but I think it's purple) and this one would be perfect for Autumn. I've heard such amazing things about Topshop nail polish by reading other blogs that I knew I just had to include them! This shade would be perfect to brighten up any rainy day (see what I did there, Rainy day? Yeah you did, hehe). The price of the nail polish is enough to make anyone smile too, just £5 (Topshop charge £4 for P+P, so I'd advise anyone who wants this polish to buy in store).

What do you think of the shades I've chosen? What would be your top 5 Autumn Polishes?

Love Alex 

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