Sunday, 9 September 2012

I LOVE: Leather Jackets.

I recently bought a leather jacket and i've completely fallen in love with it! I think leather jackets are a real all year round staple, they can be worn with anything and in any weather. I've worn mine through our so called "summer" and can't wait to wear it in the A/W months with jumpers underneath.

Anyone can pull of a leather jacket, whether you're look is girly, sporty, whatever.

Im also loving the military/leather jackets this season too, i've been eyeing up one from Missguided but could I really part with £48 for a jacket?

Do you own a leather jacket? How do you find styling it?

Love Alex 


  1. I wore my leather jacket pretty much non stop until I bought my recent jacket....definitely love it! I've had mine for a few years too so it's worth getting a decent one (think mine was £30 from H&M which isn't too bad!) xx

    1. I recently bought a studded one from primark, I havent worn it much yet though. I love your most recent jacket, i want one myself :) I just need a cheapish one aha xo


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