Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Life update #1.

Hello lovelies, just a quick life update from me today. I haven't really done much recently apart from being pretty ill, getting better then develop a terrible, terrible cold. Being ill does have its advantages though, myself and Ben have watched series 1-4 of Doctor Who as he hadn't seen any with David Tennant as the Doctor (I couldn't believe it! He's by far my favourite doctor for so many different reasons), I'm pretty sceptical to watch any starring Matt Smith though as I can't imagine anyone else being as good as the 10th Doctor but I have heard great things about series 5-7. I think i'll just need to man up and watch them!

I'm getting really bored of everyday life recently, all I seem to do is wake up and blog. As much as I adore blogging I really need a job, being on JSA sucks and I feel like I'm letting everyone down by not having a job. I really want to earn my own money even if it is just a christmas temp. If anyone knows anywhere in sheffield, let me know!

I do have quite a few things lined up for the next few months, I'm going to Alton Towers Scarefest with Ben, his brother Daniel and a few of his friends for Halloween (do I dress up or not? I really wanna go as Donnie Darko) and then I'm going to Birmingham on November 5th to see WWE World Tour Live, which is being aired on TV. I really couldn't be more excited about seeing John Cena and CM Punk live again, hopefully some wrestlers be doing a signing somewhere too. Meeting Kane in March was so great yet very strange at the same time. My cousin also asked me to make some baby shower cupcakes for her friend in the end of November and I can't wait to make them, my cousin really wants to make white chocolate cupcakes and I've decided to frost them with baby Blue and White swirled vanilla frosting decorated with Blue glitter and hands and feet (found here and here). I have no idea what else to decorate them with, if anyone has any ideas, leave me a little comment.

I have some outfit posts lined up for you all, including my new Romwe Starry Night leggings that Ben bought me and possibly more if I buy anything at the weekend from Meadowhall.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week!
Love Alex 


  1. the upside to being ill is definitely catching up on tv, david tennant was my fave too but matt smith is easily my second! xx

    1. I don't think i've ever watched so much while being ill in my life aha, I think i'm too watch some soon and see what I think :D xo


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