Saturday, 27 October 2012

Autumn Leaves.

Heart Jumper - Chic (similar here)
Bag - Select (20% discount as product was marked wrong)
Red Converse - Office (bought about 4 years ago and this was the 4th time i've worn them)

Hello sweeties, I've had such a lovely day, Ben and myself walked into town so I could buy a bag to take to Alton Towers monday then we walked around town looking for somewhere to take pictures as he has a new camera and wanted to use it. We found a nice little spot to take a few shots, he took other picture but wouldn't let me share them, other than the one above (booo!). He also took some full length shots but they look pretty blurry on here for some reason, so I haven't added them. I adore the jumper, its so comfy and quite warm, I was pretty unsure whether to actually wear my converse as I thought it might be too much Red but Ben assured be it looked okay. 

I've got my usual weekend posts (Sunday wishlist and blog of the week) scheduled as I'll be spending the weekend Sunday at Bens parents to go to Scarefest Monday, I'm terrified. There's no chance in hell i'll be going in the scaremazes, i've scared myself too much by watching youtube videos.

Title - Autumn Leaves - Ed Sheeran.

Love Alex ♥

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