Monday, 29 October 2012

Shutter speed.

Hello lovelies! A little bit of a different post from me today but I wanted to show you how myself and Ben spent our saturday night. As I said in a previous post, Ben has a new camera we wanted to think of a new way to use it, so I googled for idea's and found light pictures. They're done by slowing down the shutter speed on the camera, plus messing with the exposure. They're so fun and easy to do, all I used was a torch app on my phone and I think they turned out great!

More picture's can be found here (click images to enlarge).

Love Alex xo


  1. i love these, such a cute and fun idea! xx

    1. They were so fun to do! So easy too, i'd definitely recommend doing them xo

  2. I love experimenting with the settings on my camera, i've never tried this before as it kills me when images are a tiny bit blurry so I rarely slow the shutter speed. I didn't think to play around with it like this though - it looks great! x


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