Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Instagram diaries - December.

1. Selfie!; 2. My mum bought me an advent calendar; 3. Listening to 1D on the bus, no shame; 4. HOLIDAY'S ARE COMIN'; 5. Me and Ben watched Ted (again); 6. I wish I saw my HP tattoo so much more; 7. Food at whetherspoons; 8. Ben made me watch Muppet's Christmas Carol, I loved it; 9. Carnival by Technic; 10. Spending my night playing Sims; 11. We watched Brave for the first time; 12. We also watched my go to movies for when I'm sad; 13. Picture speaks for itself really...; 14. COME AT ME COLD!; 15. I bought the cutest gift bags for friends/family; 16. Carousel in the towns center; 17. Harry Potter maraton; 18. Velvet-Tidesxo reached 10,000 views overnight! Thank-you everyone who's viewed; 19. Listening to Linkin Park on the bus to keep myself sane; 20. Weeping Angel on the top of our Christmas tree; 21. My mum bought Ben and myself our first Christmas tree for his uni room; 22. I guess the Doctor saved us all again, right?; 23. Selfie before we braved Meadowhall, bad idea!; 24. Dainty Darko Accessories ring; 25. Me and my brother put a mini tree in my room and then watched Child's play; 26. Sunday Wishlist #27; 27. My attempt at being festive; 28. Tangled was on TV on xmas day, beyond happy!; 29. My boyfriend bought me a beautiful necklace from Sawyer and Scout, along with Disco pants (which don't fit too well, reason number 308374856 why I dislike being tall) and also a dress; 30. I used my curling wand (present from my parents) for the first time, not too shabby I guess; 31. I bought the best pyjama bottoms from the New Look sale; 32. My boyfriend bought me a Lush Mr. Bumble for our anniversary, which we attempted to cut up; 33. YELLOW BATH! It smelt beautiful; 34. Curly hair for NYE; 35. NYE outfit! Missguided dress and Ark belt.
Wow, what a busy month! Well it looks that way anyway, December was pretty stressful in terms of Christmas. My family and boyfriend loved their presents though and I loved everything I got. I got quite spoilt, which I didn't expect. My favourite present has to be my Golden Snitch necklace though! It's so god, damn adorable. I think I'll be treating myself to another necklace from Sawyer and Scout soon, Neville's Rememberall maybe?! I think January will a pretty laid back month, I have nothing planned as of yet other than NYE (It was a let down, we ended up at Ben's grandma's with pizza haha). I have my birthday at the end of the month and to be honest, I'm not too excited. It's just another year I guess. I feel like I'm rambling again , so i'll stop. I have an outfit post of what I wore NYE coming soon.

Love Alex xo

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  1. Looks like you've been busy enjoying yourself!
    Its so lovely to hear that your Golden Snitch necklace was your favourite gift :) x


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