Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sunday wishlist #30 - birthday edition!


Hello lovelies! It's my birthday in just over a week so this is the perfect opportunity to show you all what I'd like haha.  I will be turning 20 and I've asked for Hello Kitty vans, what 20 year old wouldn't want them for their birthday? They're pretty damn cute and they're in the sale too! Perfect time to get them, my boyfriend has kindly already bought them for me already but he's making me wait to have them :( I very rarely ask for anything around my birthday as I never know what I want up until my actual birthday, does that happen to anyone else? This wishlist was a killer to think of but they're mostly  items I've wanted a while. I have been dying for another pair of Romwe leggings, I already have two pairs but a girl can't have enough pairs of leggings right?! I am also dying for more lush products too, I adore the Space Girl bathbomb and i'd love to try the Rock Star soap, has anyone tried it already? I need a watch too and the one above is beautiful, it would great with outfit! Finally I would love a stippling brush, I've heard so many good things about them and anything to make my poor make-up skills better is fine by me!

I'm not really excited about turning 20, it's just going to be another year but I hope it brings so much for me! A Job and an apartment would be great.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday beautiful ladies (and gentlemen)!
Love Alex xox

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