Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Make Up Academy Mosaic Blusher - review!

Hello sweeties! I can't even think of how long It's been since I've done a beauty related post but I'm pretty damn excited about this one as it feels like forever! I adore MUA products far too much, they're amazing value for money and great quality, I've found before that cheaper make-up brands can be pretty poor quality but MUA are definitely an exception.

I'm no expert on make-up but here's what MUA had to say about their blusher -

"The Mosaic Blusher, combines four gorgeous shades that when swirled together create the perfect natural blush shade. Grab a blush brush and swirl around the compact so all the colours blend together and then simply apply to the apples of the cheekbones. Use a small amount for a natural look or build up for a more dramatic contoured look. The reason why there are so many colours in one blush is to build up a better colour palette of pigmentation! All skin tones take different colours more prominently and by using them all in one go, it will adapt to suit your skin tone. This will look totally different on you and your BFF!"

I can't fault the product at all, the packaging is very sturdy and the blush itself is great. I wear it almost everytime I go out and it looks great, I think this blusher is definitely one to have around all year. In the packaging the product looks quite shimmery but It's not at all, which I love and  it adds just the right amount of colour. The product is so easy to use too! My only issue really would be how hard it is to get into, if I had nails they would have broken but I've found that in time it really loosens up.

I highly recommend this product if you couldn't tell already! 
Lots of love Alex xox


  1. I love MUA... especially their eye shadows! I'm running low on blusher so I might give this one a go... thank you!

    Would you be interested in swapping buttons? :) x


    1. Glad to know you like it! It's a great blush, their smaller blushers are great too :D

      I'll definitely button swap, your blog is lovely!



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