Friday, 4 January 2013

13 things for 2013!

I am really hoping that 2013 is a great year for me! I spent 2012 pretty bored, I won't really go into much detail it'll probably bore you all so on we go to my 13 things.... -

1. Fill a jar with good memories - I've seen this idea all over, tumblr, facebook, twitter (the list is endless!). 2012 was full of ups and downs and I really wish I could remember more good memories, writing them down would really help for whenever I was feeling down.

2. MORE OUTFIT POSTS! - I really cannot wait to do more outfit posts! I lacked outfit posts in 2012 as I didn't really have any spare money to buy more clothes or I took pictures to do a post but never posted as i thought they weren't very good.

3. Hit over 100 followers - I have just reached 40 followers and I am so thankful, I am so grateful for all my followers but I would go insane if I reached 100!

4. Bake more - In 2012 I really got into baking cupcakes, it started when I wanted to bake for my cousins birthday and it just steamed from there. Everyone loved my cupcakes and I would love to bake more, I had 1 order in 2012 and I now have another for 2013.

5. Change my hair style - I've had the same hair style for YEARS! Mid length with a side fringe, I would love to change it drastically but I doubt I have the confidence. I've been wanting a full fringe for a while so I think I'll be starting there....

6. Go out more - In 2012 I went properly out once (due to lack of id) and i'd love to go out more!

7. Attend a blogger event - I got my first invite to a blogger event toward the end of 2012 but I couldn't attend as it was in London :( I hope I get invited to more that I can actually attend.

8. Make my blog more clean - My blog has been pretty messy in 2012, I have lost count of how many times I've actually changed my blog "style". I adore what I have now but i'd love to make it much cleaner.

9. More date nights - It's very rare that myself and Ben go out, we have LOTS of night in but i'd love the odd meal and cinema date.

10. Eat healthier - My diet is shocking, I've seen much worse but I would love to try more food. I'm such a picky eater but I will try more!

11. Spend more time with family - I very rarely see my family as I spend everyday with Ben but I would love more time with family.

12. Learn to do my make-up better - My make-up skills aren't great and I would to learn more, I think I'll be spending a few hours watching youtube video's for inspiration.

13. JOB! - I really hope I get a job this year, I've lost count of how many jobs I applied for in 2012 and not one of them got back to me. I hate that most of them dismissed me because of lack of experience but I have no idea how I'm meant to gain experience if no-one will give me a chance?! I'm either hoping to get a job or go back to college at some-point.

I have no idea how i'll achieve everything but I'm preying I achieve something.

Love Alex xo

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