Friday, 30 November 2012

Feeling festive!

I saw the lovely Lauren and Becky come with with a Christmas bucket list and I couldn't wait to make my own, what a wonderful idea! I adore Christmas but over the past couple of years I have been really stuck for idea's on what to do in the cold, winter night and coming up with this bucket list really helped.  This year I decided I wanted to attempt at making a few of my own presents and I thought cookies and cupcakes would be an amazing idea, I think this year i'll be making Melting Snowman cookies with my younger brother and sending them out to family, they're such a simple yet great idea! I have already started watching Christmas movies, I watched the Grinch and A nightmare before Christmas in the middle of November, it's never too early though, right?! I feel great that I have already accomplished number 6 and I had a lovely time doing so. I doubt i'll do everything on the list but if I don't it'll give me something to do next year.

What would be on your Christmas bucket list? How do you normally spend Christmas?

On a completly different note, I won another giveaway! I won the lovely Jayde's 500 followers giveaway, winning a limited edition Friends prize pack :) November is definitely a lucky a month.
Love Alex xo

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