Monday, 26 November 2012

The Leibster Award.

Hello lovelies, I've been nominated for the Leibster Award by the lovely, Shikin. I've never been awarded a Leibster award before and I'm very thankful that I have.

The rules!
1. Post 11 facts about yourself.
2. Answer the 11 questions set by the nominator,
3. Set 11 questions for who you choose to nominate.
4. Choose 11 blogs to nominate with less than 200 followers.

Rule 1: 11 facts -
1. I wear vans 90% of the time.
2. I studied childcare and worked in a school for a year and a half, I loved the experience.
3. Little things by One Direction is definitely my guilty pleasure, well done to Ed Sheeran for writing it.
4. I have only ever broken one bone in my body (my left arm), I was standing on my grandparents sofa looking at a couple of dogs out of the window and I fell backwards.
5. Seeing Blink 182 live was one of best moment in my life.
6. I love baking cupcakes in my spare time and I would love to own my own cupcake shop in the future.
7. The Harry Potter movies will always be my favourites and it still hurts a little knowing there wont be another one.
8. I have only ever been abroad once but I would love to go to Italy in the future.
9. I have seen WWE live 3 times, the latest was in Birmingham and was on TV.
10. I have 1 sibling, theres 9 almost 10 years between us.
11. If I could live off chicken and stuffing sandwiches, I totally would.

Rule 2: Shikin's questions -
1. What is your bad habit? I bite my nails, I know so horrible but it's a nervous habit.
2. What do people usually call you? My name, my boyfriend is the only person who gives me little nicknames but there's so many that I wont list them.
3. Favourites place(s) to shop? Primark, H+M, New Look and online.
4. What is your favourite make-up product? MUA Mosaic blusher.
5. What country/place would you most like to visit? Italy, it's so beautiful!
6. Would you change your name if you could, if so what to? I've always said I would as its a unisex name but I think it suits me, so no.
7. What song are you listening to now? I'm not listening to one, all I can hear is the noisy builders outside!
8. If you had three wishes, what would they be? Long, perfect hair, my dream job and a beautiful home.
9. When did you start your blog and why? I can't really remember when I started, I had the blog before I actually began properly blogging and I blog for fun and to meet people mainly.
10. What celebrity's style inspires you the most? Fearne Cotton, Alexa Chung, Caroline Flack and Zooey Deschanel.
11. Best memory you can't forget? My favourite childhood memory - Going raspberry picking with my granddad.

Rule 3: My questions -
1. What is your greatest achievement and why?
2. If you could live anywhere (present day or back in time), where would you live?
3. What advice would give to a new blogger?
4. What does a perfect day for you look like?
5. Who is your favourite fictional character?
6. What are you most looking to forward to in 2013?
7. What is your favourite pizza topping?
8. Tea or Coffee?
9. If you won the lottery, what would you purchase first?
10. What is your favourite TV series?
11. What song was number 1 the day you was born?

Rule 4: 11 blogs I nominate -
1. Abigail @
2. Amy @
3. Jodie @
4. Abbi @
5. Francesca @
6. Hannah @
7. Lipnumm @
8. TJ @
9. Gemma @
10. Grace @
11. Cath @

On a completely different note I reicived a lovely email from Amy saying I had won her giveaway (winning a dress of my choice from! I am usually a pretty unlucky person so it was a complete surprise :D Ive chosen this dress and I am thrilled that I won.

Love Alex xo


  1. Congrats on your award! I bite my nails too and the worst is when I do it after having just painted my nails, oops! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

    1. Thank-you! I haven't been able to paint my nails in months because they look so messy but over Christmas I am determined to have lovely, christmassy nails haha xo

  2. congrats on the award :D
    thank you so much for your comment <3



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