Friday, 23 November 2012

Sheffield Christmas lights 2012.

Finally myself and my boyfriend went into town this evening to see our Christmas lights, we had been meaning to go and see them turned on by Matt Cardle I think (I'm not too sure, If anyone knows who turned them on please comment below so I can correct the post) but my sleep pattern has been terrible recently and I was far too tired to go then we planned going Wednesday and seeing Breaking Dawn Part 2 but I wasn't feeling too well so we didn't go again. Since we had nothing to do this evening we went and saw them finally, they're definitely my favourite part of Christmas. They're so pretty!

The first five picture were taken in our Peace Gardens, this year they have a few Blackpool illuminations. I have no idea why but they're probably the best sheffield has done for a while, being a HUGE Doctor Who fan I adore the Tardis and the Darlek. I really wanted a picture with them but everything was sectioned off. The other 2 pictures are a beautiful, sparkly christmas tree! This tree was in the peace gardens last year and I am so happy they've brought it back this year. I also mean't to take a few pictures of the Christmas market but my Camera batteries died and my hands were too cold to change them. All in all I had a lovely evening and so did my boyfriend. He has his first festive Starbucks of the year (praline mocha, YUCK!) so he is a happy boy. 

Sorry about this being such a photo and text heavy post but I hope you all enjoy the rest of your evening and have enjoyed reading!
Love Alex xo


  1. Love the lights!! Leicesters got something similar its so pretty
    S xx

  2. wow, looks amazing.


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