Thursday, 16 August 2012

10 day "you" challenge.

Nine loves.
  1. Pro-wrestling - I've been a big fan of pro-wrestling for about a year and a half now. I liked wrestling as a child but kinda lost interest as I got older. I've seen it live twice and can't wait to see it again in November.
  2. Live music - I love going to gigs so much! I haven't been to one since I saw Blink 182 and I'm really missing it. I love whole atmosphere at gigs and knowing that you share at-least one love with everyone in the room.
  3. Disney - I've loved Disney since I was a child and I've never really grown out of it. My favourite movie is Tangled. I'd love to visit Disneyland too, either Paris or Florida.
  4. My boyfriend, Ben - Cheesy but we've been together almost 3 years and can't imagine my life without him.
  5. Enter Shikari - I've been a huge Enter Shikari fan since 2004 I think, their music has got me through so much in my life. I've seen them live twice and they're great! I'd love meet them one day.
  6. Alton Towers - I love Alton Towers so much, I've been so many times and I don't think i'll ever get bored of going. I'd love to go to some other theme parks though, mainly Thorpe Park (just for the saw rides).
  7. Floral Print - I love everything floral print! I wish I owned more floral print clothing as I only have a few pieces but that's what I get for being out of work, eh?
  8. Movie Nights - I love nothing move than snuggling in bed with my boy and watching a good movie.
  9. Tattoos - I've always been a lover of tattoos since my teens, I love seeing them on anyone and I love hearing the stories of why people got them. 
What're your nine loves? 

Love Alex 

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